Top 10 Fittest Latina-American Celebrities


In the words of Samir Becic, “You have more control over your body than you think- you can control, manage, or completely avoid 60-70% of known chronic conditions with physical fitness, healthy nutrition, and mental balance.” Every racial or ethnic group has their own health concerns to be aware of. This list of Fittest Latina-American Female Celebrities are no different, and they cope by exercising, eating right, and staying active.

The celebrities on this list not only lead healthy lifestyles, but also promote healthy living to their fans. The celebrity’s fitness level, nutritional habits, age, and medical issues and how they coped with them were all taken into consideration.

Here is Health Fitness Revolution‘s List of the Top 10 Fittest Latin-American Female Celebrities in alphabetical order:

America Ferrera

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“You have to build a normal relationship with exercise and food, for me its’ not about looking like a supermodel – it’s about feeling good about who I am naturally.”

  • American actress – Honduran descent
  • Hiking
  • Running
  • Yoga

Cameron Diaz

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 “The more I work on my body at this age, the better it gets. I feel so much more attractive now. A thousand percent. I’m appreciating my skin and my wrinkles and all those things.”

  • American actress and former model – Cuban father
  • Also made out Top 10 Fittest Actresses list
  • Enjoys yoga
  • Bootcamp Style workouts
  • Combines pilates, cardio, and weight training into her 5-day workout routine
  • Enjoys paddleboarding, golfing, jet-skiing, and tossing tires
  • “No white” diet plan – avoids white sugars and foods made from white flour
  • Eats a protein-rich breakfast followed by 6 meals throughout the day
  • Author of “The Body Book” which talks about feeling and looking your best through healthy lifestyle

Christina Milian

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“I have to work out because in my family we don’t have those great genes where you can just eat whatever you want and stay skinny.”

  • American actress and singer-songwriter – Cuban parents
  • Runs and dances for cardio
  • Hiking with friends
  • Swimming with her daughter
  • Works out 6 days a week – 20 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of squats, and 20 minutes of abs
  • Cuts down on carbs and red meats
  • Adds more veggies in her diet

Demi Lovato

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“No matter what you’re going through, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it may seem hard to get to it, but you can do it and just keep working towards it and you’ll find the positive side of things.”

  • American actress and singer – Father is of Mexican and Spanish descent
  • Exercises 5-6 days a week for peace of mind
  • Personal Trainer – Joey Rubino
  • Cardio
  • Strength training
  • Core training
  • Struggles with eating habits, but has learned to eat 3 healthy meals a day
  • Bootcamp style workouts
  • Loves kickboxing
  • Juicing daily
  • Healthy eating and nutrition plan
  • Dealt with her own body image issues from being a child-star, but has come out stronger and is now and advocate for and example to other young girls

Eva Longoria

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“A diet goes hand-in-hand with exercise. Some people think ‘I can eat whatever I want as long as I exercise,’ which is false. And vice-versa – the opposite of that. Diet and exercise have to go hand-in-hand.”

  • American actress – Tejano parents
  • Uses her experience of being a personal trainer and knowledge from her kinesiology major to stay fit
  • Works out at least 3 days a week for an hour at a time
  • Hiking
  • Kickboxing
  • Running
  • Yoga
  • Eats plenty of fruits, lean proteins, vegetables, yogurt, and nuts
  • Allows herself a few cheat days including pizza once a week

Eva Mendes

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“I focus on the inside out – so it’s all about what I’m eating, how I’m feeding my body and how much water I’m drinking.”

  • Cuban American Actress
  • Also on our  Top 10 Fittest Actresses List
  • 3-4 workouts per week
  • Elliptical
  • Circuit training
  • Eats a lot of fish and brown rice
  • Yoga
  • Loves running
  • Light weights
  • Wants to accentuate curves

Jennifer Lopez

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“You got to work out, you got to watch what you eat. It’s a job – you’ve got to buckle down.”

  • American actress – Puerto Rican parents
  • Also made our Top 10 Fittest Singers list
  • Power Yoga
  • Pilates
  • 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of muscular structure per day
  • Mixes things up every 10 workouts to trick muscles and maximize results
  • Believes more in toning than losing weight
  • Resistance training 2-3 days a week
  • Consumes lots of protein through meat and Soya foods
  • Went on a 22 day vegan challenge
  • Diet includes a lot of turkey, grilled chicken, salmon fillets, and nonfat cottage cheese

Jessica Alba

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“I like doing dance classes. That’s fun. Like hip hop class, mixed with like core pilates-type exercises.”

  • American actress and model – Father if of Mexican descent
  • Also on our  Top 10 Fittest Actresses List
  • Yoga
  • Barry’s bootcamp
  • Crossfit
  • Trainer – Ramona Braganza
  • Uses the 321 Training method – 3 cardio segments, 2 strength training circuits, and 1 core element
  • Eats organic produce
  • Drinks lots of water
  • Stays active
  • Enjoys dance classes, cycling classes, and spring workouts
  • Created The Honest Company to promote natural and safe products for babies including food, diapers, and advice for a healthy family

Julie Banderas

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Tweeted “Merry Christmas! Hope all of you have a happy and healthy New Year filled with lots of laughs! 🙂 xoxo” to her followers

  • American news anchor FOX – Colombian mother
  • Goes on walks with her two girls
  • Goes on active vacations like skiing
  • Does a juice cleanse occasionally
  • Did the LOVE fast – juice fast with some light food at the end of the day
  • Barry’s Bootcamp
  • Ran a marathon

Rosario Dawson

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“It’s hard to [exercise] when you’re traveling all the time, and I’m not that person to go to the gym in the hotel. So I really just try to walk as much as possible and go to a yoga class or a Pilates class. Most of the time it’s when my friends kind of encourage me to do things like that. I just really try to be mindful about my diet.”

  • American actress, singer, and writer – Mother is Puerto Rican
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Spinning
  • Running
  • Walking
  • Bike riding
  • Dealt with grandmother’s death by exercising
  • Does not use crash diets or obsessive calorie counting
  • Favorite beverages are coconut water and peppermint tea

Honorable Mentions (it was very hard to make a decision because both these women deserve to be in the Top list, but we had to pick 10!):

Salma Hayek

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 “I’m not a skinny girl. I push it…I don’t like to exercise, so I have to force myself to do it, because i know it’s good for my health.”

  • Mexican-American actress, director, and producer
  • Enjoys Bikram Yoga
  • Juicing
  • Pilates
  • Works out 5-7 days per week
  • Extremely intense 30 minute workouts
  • Kickboxing
  • Dance workouts
  • Does many different and varied workouts for short amounts of time
  • Enjoys apples and carrots and daily drinks a fruit juice
  • Founded the Cooler Cleanse which is a 3-5 day detox diet

Eva LaRue

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 “The right diet is everything, and lately I’ve really noticed how big of a role it plays in my overall health and well-being. Having a balanced diet helps me have more energy during the day so I can keep up with my busy schedule.”

  • American model and actress – Puerto Rican descent
  • Advocate of the Paleo diet – provides her with more energy
  • Former ballerina
  • Now takes three 90 minute advanced ballet classes a week
  • Pilates
  • Emphasizes a healthy relationship with food, especially to her daughter


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