Top 10 Fittest LGBTQ Celebrities 2019


Happy Pride month! It’s time to celebrate fantastic individuals who have been inspiring us with their talents from acting, to YouTube, and music. With their strength to embrace their identities and encourage individuals to be themselves, they will continue to make the world a better place. Here are the top 10 fittest actors, TV hosts, Youtubers, and musicians who are open about their LGBTQ sexual identity, listed alphabetically by last name:

Carmen Carrera (34)

  • Posts gym and fitness pictures on Instagram and social media platforms
  • Does cardio exercises
  • Does strengthening exercises
  • Hits the gym often
  • Has a personal trainer
  • Admits that she is working constantly to better herself and her health

Andy Cohen (48)

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  • Has two personal trainers
  • One trainer is a Muay Thai instructor that he does floor work, core exercises, and kickboxes with
  • With his other trainer, he does more typical floor work and weightlifting exercises
  • Walks his dog every day
  • Does not adhere to a diet since he refuses to deprive himself
  • Limits and keeps watch of his drinking and carb intake

Ellen Degeneres (61)

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  • Vegan
  • Eats a plant-based diet
  • Avoids sugar
  • Does yoga daily
  • Daily morning ab workouts
  • She loves dancing

Luke Evans (40)

  • Avoids alcohol
  • Told Men’s Health in an interview: “No sauces, no creams, no bread, no pasta, just very clean food.”
  • Works out at the gym at least four times a week
  • Posts pictures of himself at the gym on Instagram often
  • “I like getting circuits in as well to really beat up my muscles and I always try to change up my routines. My workouts are a mix of weights and bodyweight moves.”
  • Diet wise I relax a lot more as well. I’m very healthy, but I’ll have a glass of wine and eat what I want if I really want it.”
  • Mountain climbers
  • Pushups
  • Planking
  • Many more intense workouts detailed in an article on Superhero Jacked.

Perez Hilton (41)

  • Takes spin classes
  • Owner/Founder of a fitness website called
  • Lost over 60 pounds
  • Started Fit Perez, a blog that follows his weight loss journey
  • Works out 7 days a week
  • Goes to the gym Monday through Thursday
  • Does pilates on Friday and Saturday
  • Does yoga on Sunday
  • Eats a clean diet
  • Hikes and/or bikes a few times a week
  • Does not weigh himself regularly because he is more focused on how he feels.

Ricky Martin (47)

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  • Goes to the gym regularly
  • Attends Zumba classes
  • Does yoga
  • Plays outdoor sports with his kids
  • Is vegetarian

Lupita Nyong’o (36)

  • Eats natural breakfast
  • Martial arts
  • Intense boot camp
  • Meditates daily
  • Does yoga
  • Works out daily
  • Boxing
  • Interval (HIIT) training

Bretman Rock (20)

  • Played various sports growing up
  • Loves track
  • Crossfit
  • Workout daily
  • Weight training
  • Cardio

Ruby Rose (33)

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  • Goes to the gym 4 or 5 times a week
  • SoulCycle classes
  • Former boxer
  • Enjoys playing soccer
  • Has a personal trainer
  • Doesn’t diet because she loves food and doesn’t want to deprive herself, although she makes sure to choose healthy options
  • Does not eat red meat for personal beliefs and because of her blood type it is best for her health to avoid
  • Has developed a full body workout she shared with Health
  • Had intense training in preparation for John Wick 2 where she completed 300 sit-ups
  • Admitted that hitting the gym is a part of her daily routine. She feels weird if she doesn’t go as it’s as vital for her as brushing her teeth. She really loves the gym and feels great after every workout session.

Sam Smith (27)

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  • Follows gluten-free paleo style diet
  • Avoids alcohol
  • Follow Amelia Freer, a fitness guru, and nutritionists’ diet plan and promotes her work
  • Runs
  • Frequents the gym
  • Promotes healthy living as a goal, not just for losing weight

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