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These singers are undoubtedly talented and recognized as superstars. They have legions of fans who follow their every move, and millions of people both look up to and admire them. Their success plays a crucial role in the eyes of young, impressionable minds who try to emulate their style, presence, and talents. By living healthy lifestyles, these men showcase a way of life that is great for children and adolescents to take note of.

Samir Becic says of these crooners: “With the rate of childhood obesity and diabetes type 2 continually rising, having good role models is part of the solution to ending the epidemic. The men on this list deserve the credit for showcasing their fitness and nutrition choices. The more they continue to talk about it interviews and promote healthy lifestyle on social, the better off American youth will be for it. Congratulations to all you gentlemen on this list- continue being a great example to your fans!”

Now Samir Becic and the HFR institute have poured over all the data on male singers to rank the top fittest of 2017, you can also look over our previous list and this year’s list of their fittest female counterparts. We used a combination of interviews, internet, library, industry literature, and Samir’s knowledge of over 20 years as a fitness industry expert coupled with his experience as a four-time No. 1 Fitness Trainer in the world. We started with over 70 hosts, narrowed it down to 50, 25, and then these final 10.

Here’s our list of the fittest male singers of 2017:

Justin Timberlake, 36

In a 2011 Playboy interview, Timberlake shares that if given the choice, he’d choose to be more toned than muscular. A review of his physique over the years demonstrates that he is a testament of this preference. He stays active by hitting the gym and dancing, which is his long-time passion since his early singing days. Going outdoors to snowboard and/or play basketball are only some of the few things he enjoys doing. As the husband of Jessica Biel, who we ranked as one of America’s fittest actresses, they are usually photographed spending time exercising together. They utilize the outdoors by going on jogs and bringing their dogs along with on hikes. While he doesn’t workout every single day, Timberlake aims to complete 5 exercise days throughout the week. He diets accordingly, but never to the extremes. One of the things he’s omitted is high carb beer, which provides unnecessary calories. On being successful in terms on a health and career, Timberlake says, “I’ve done well, but the reason is pretty simple: I’ve worked my a** off. Anything I’ve done well has taken many, many hours of preparation.” His dedication and perseverance have certainly paid off.


Tim McGraw, 49

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After shedding 40 lbs in his early 40s, McGraw has gained sustainable eagerness to keep in shape. He gets enthusiastic about working out when he thinks and experiences the contagious, positive energy of his fans. Doing a show reminds him of why he should look and feel great about himself. He has said, “the reason you want to do this is to be in front of thousands of people playing that guitar and doing what you love. And when I’m on stage, I want to feel good.” Part of his journey meant giving up alcohol, but that was a small price to pay since McGraw paid gained insight on the packaged deal of health and wellness. While he does not refrain from rewarding himself a cheat day with a fat and/or sugary treat, he mindfully enjoys excess carbs and makes sure to add an additional exercise hour to his routine. A workout day can go up to 4 hours of physical activity with core exercises and strength training. When he’s on tour, McGraw runs laps around the stadium.


Nick Jonas, 24

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Despite initial concerns after being diagnosed with type I diabetes at age 13, Jonas does not let his condition dictate his life. Over the past decade, he has redefined his career and health by being an active role model in the community. Jonas recently launched Beyond Type I, a non-profit organization, that informs new diabetics about the disease and guides them through appropriate lifestyle accommodations. When it comes to personal initiatives, he is very aware of his condition and stays in shape to excel at what he enjoys doing -singing and performing. His trainer, Gregg Miele, reveals that Jonas does intense circuit-training – from varied pull ups to overhead presses that all tackle different muscle groups- followed by cardio. He consults his doctor throughout his health journey. In terms of diet, he consumes lean protein and limits carb intake.


Usher, 38

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While some approach their 40s feeling sluggishness, it is not the case for Usher. His latest filmography, Hands of Stone, motivated him to reset his fitness journey by bulking up and changing the way he eats. Usher comments, “when you’re playing a role like [a boxing champion] you can’t act a boxer. The only way you know what it is to be a boxer is to be one.” He not only likes excelling at boxing, but he also enjoys endurance cardio such as biking and swimming. Usher maintains his diet by having 5-6 portioned meals per day and indulging in moderation. By expanding his exercise routine and adopting the Matrix diet, Usher lost weight but gained muscle and more confidence. He admits, “[losing] the first 20 lbs. are the hardest in the world… [but once] you get into that year of work and you created goals and met them, you don’t want to go back and completely fall off the wagon. But Usher Ray likes to have cookies on occasion.”


Adam Levine, 37

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Levine sets “dad-bod goals” in 2016 after welcoming his daughter into the world with model wife, Behati Prinsloo. Despite his busy schedule doing performances and being a judge on The Voice, Levine makes time to workout about 6 days a week no matter what. He approaches exercise in a dynamic way by keeping things fresh and engaging. One of his trainers, Harley Pasternak, reveals that Levine gets bored easily so they often change up the circuit training design and make sure it’s doable even when he’s on tour or does not have access to the gym. Additionally, he does yoga to complement his strength training.  


Drake, 30

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In one of the latest headlines, Drake shows off his noteworthy physique while hilariously jamming out to “Bad Blood” in an Apple Music ad. He credits his success to trainer Jonny Roxx, who has guided Drake to make remarkable progress throughout their years of training together. His Instagram posts chronicle his dedication to getting stronger through hard work. At the gym, Drake balances cardio with weight- and strength-training. He doesn’t shy away from eating carbs since it fuels him for his workouts, however, Drake doesn’t forget to include a source of lean protein and plenty of vegetables on his plate for his post-workout meals. He also enjoys getting more exercise by playing a ball game whether that be tennis, basketball, or soccer.


Sam Smith, 24

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Smith kicked off his new health journey in mid-2015 by channeling negative comments about his weight to motivate him to get in shape. Growing up, he developed a habit of seeking emotional comfort in food. He shares, “when I was at school and wasn’t having a great time or when music wasn’t going very well. I would eat.” Despite his current growing fame, it drew harsh criticism on his body image, which Smith claims affected him more than anti-gay remarks. He has said, “if someone calls me a f*****… I’m proud to be gay so there’s no issues there… [but] if someone calls [me] fat… that’s something I want to change.” Smith saw a 14 lb weight loss within two weeks after consulting a nutritionist and has documented his incredible fitness journey on social media ever since. Working out and making dietary changes weren’t easy at first for Smith who admits in a red carpet interview, “it’s very, very difficult [trying to be fit]. I love food so much so it’s a constant battle. It’s always going to be a battle but I’m trying my best.” Nowadays, he embraces his improved lifestyle with little to no gluten, sugar, and dairy products. Smith maintains his leaner physique through weight training and yoga.


Calvin Harris, 33

Although he mostly DJs, Harris has been more vocally active in his music. In 2014, Forbes ranked him as one of the highest paid musicians, and with great wealth comes great responsibility -especially when it comes to personal health. Doing shows require stamina. His physical appearance saw a massive transformation when Harris became a model for Armani in 2015. He traded his former figure for notably toned arms, a built chest, and defined abs. Harris’ success came from doing pilates and weight training under the guidance of a personal trainer. When traveling, Harris says “staying in a gym routine while on the road is tricky, but as long as you don’t drink, eat well, sleep enough and take one of those mad little ab rollers with u everywhere you’ll be good.” Moreover, he has a wholesome breakfast with high-quality protein before exercising in the morning. Harris also takes advantage of the diverse food options in LA, which he has said, “The food is fantastic over here. You can eat healthily, there’s a lot more healthy options than in the UK.”


Luke Bryan, 40

Bryan is always moving around the stage and busting moves during his performances. It takes hard work outside of his rehearsals to meet the physical demands of his concerts. When he’s on tour, Bryan maximizes his resources by using weights and ropes to workout. Sometimes he’ll hit a gym nearby his tour stop. Other times he’ll utilize the concert venue or bus parking lots to improvise a workout. It’s all about prioritizing fitness no matter where he and his band mates are at. They’ve done yoga, gone on group runs, completed circuit training, etc., all of which costs nothing but a commitment to wellness. Bryan and his team like to stay active because it keeps them energetic by countering the stress of pre-concert procedures and the laziness after shows. During his less hectic periods, you may find Bryan running at the beach shirtless. He states, “if I was gonna worry about [what other people think,] I would jog with a shirt on, or I wouldn’t jog at all… My main thing is I’m not gonna let people doing that deter me from me wanting to go out and ride a bike with a shirt off or whatever. It is what it is. It makes me stay in shape, though, so it’s motivation.”


Sam Hunt, 32

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Hunt’s growing success has made him quite the eye-candy for many people including those who aren’t into country music. Rather than going for the flannel shirts and dark denim, Hunt often wears a simple, classic tee that emphasizes his toned physique. He grew up in an active environment and continues to do so. Prior to his singing days, Hunt played football in high school and eventually as quarterback the University of Alabama when he entered college. Being a musician was not part of his initial career plans, but it found its way to his life. He states that “picking up a guitar brought a lot of balance into my life.” With shows and scheduled performances, Hunt no longer is able to commit to sports like football, but he is still driven to stay in shape. He works out at home and prefers getting active with his friends. He shares, “I’d play football if it was easier to run up a game of football, but it’s a whole lot easier to find a basketball game at a YMCA.”

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