Top 20 Fittest News Anchors in Dallas


We watch them on local news everyday and can even feel like they are part of our daily routine… News Anchors can be a great example for us, especially if they lead healthy lifestyles. This is why we feel that those in the media have a responsibility to be good examples to their viewers- because they are literally in our homes everyday, being watched by our spouses, our kids, our friends.

We first researched all the available data on the news anchors online and narrowed it down. We used a combination of interviews, internet, industry literature, and Samir Becic’s knowledge of over 33 years in athletics coupled with his experience as 4 times Number 1 Fitness Trainer in the World to narrow the field down to 10.

The anchors on this list not only lead healthy lifestyles themselves, but also promote within their public roles on their news stations and in the greater Dallas area.

The following was all taken into consideration: fitness level, nutritional habits, age, their own medical issues and how they coped with them, and involvement and promotion of healthy lifestyle. Because Dallas had many fit and active news anchors, we decided to give 20 of them the credit they deserve rather than just 10!

Here is Samir Becic and the Health Fitness Revolution’s list of the Top 20 Fittest News Anchors in Dallas:

Brian Curtis – NBC 5

brian curtis yeah

  • Sails
  • Skis
  • Luges
  • Does a lot of Push-ups
  • His workouts usually involve basic push/pull upper body and legs
  • Incorporates cardio into his fitness routine
  • He pays special attention to form


Ray Villeda – NBC 5

ray villeda

  • Qualified for the Boston Marathon
  • Loves to run
  • Can be seen running on the Katy Trail


Ellen Bryan – NBC 5

ellen bryan

  • Awarded the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Medal Award after riding a bicycle 850 miles to raise money for children’s hospitals
  • Was crowned Miss Ohio 2011


Deanna Dewberry – NBC 5

deanna dewberry

  • Actively participates in cancer awareness events and walks
  • Walks and runs regularly
  • Does 45 minutes of cardio 4 times a week
  • The Elliptical is her favorite machine


Shon Gables – WFAA

shon gables

  • Is a fan of P90X
  • Runs 6 miles several times a week


Cynthia Izaguirre – WFAA

cynthia izaguirre

  • Runs
  • Dances
  • Regularly does a morning walk
  • Works out with personal trainer Candice Gaines
  • Drinks a lot of water
  • Works out twice a week
  • Only eats sweets on the weekends


Ron Corning – WFAA

ron corning

  • Participated in the race for the cure (Susan G. Komen)
  • Hosts community fitness events like Get your workout early with WFAA’s Ron Corning


Shelly Slater – WFAA

shelly slater

  • Is a trained Dancer
  • Did core classes at Exhale once a week to lose post baby weight
  • Does a Pilates barre class twice a week
  • Her young children keep her busy and active


Jason Wheeler – WFAA

jason wheeler

  • Plays tennis
  • Loves swimming as a workout


Jobin Panicker – WFAA


  • Plays pick up basketball games at the gym
  • Promotes health to his fans and followers on social media


Whitney Drolen – CBS 11

whitney drolen

  • Hikes
  • Plays golf


Brian New – CBS 11

brian new

  • Is an avid runner


Susy Solis – CBS 11

susy solis

  • Practices yoga
  • Participated in a 5k race for breast cancer research
  • Just started boxing and kickboxing


Steve Eagar – FOX

steve eagar

  • Former pro baseball player
  • Golfs
  • Runs


Jenny Anchondo – FOX

jenny anchondo2

  • Worked as fitness writer
  • Personal trainer and group fitness instructor teaching everything from Zumba to boot camp to Spinning
  • Snowboarding
  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Most outdoor adventures
  • Certified through several agencies including the American Council on Exercise


Calvert Collins – FOX


  • Exercises regularly
  • Participated in the Spartan Race, which is a 10k obstacle course race


Crystal Ayala – Univision

crystal ayala

  • Bikes
  • Eats small portions every 3 hours
  • Drinks no sugary beverages
  • Drinks a lot water and walks


Andrea Rega – Univision

andrea rega

  • Plays basketball
  • Plays tennis


Nestor Flecha – Telemundo

nestor flecha

  • Does archery
  • Works out every day (running and cycling)
  • Goes to the gym at least 3 times a week
  • Watches what he eats and preps healthy meals


Alex Wehrley – Eye Opener TV CW33


  • Does yoga and Pilates barre classes 2-3 times per week yoga
  • Eats lots of fruit and whole grains
  • Loves a good dessert sometimes as a treat
  • Was crowned Miss Wisconsin 2009

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