Top 10 Fittest Rising Stars in Hollywood 2024


Every year, Hollywood witnesses the rise of young and talented individuals who are destined for greatness. These rising stars have the potential to win prestigious awards like Oscars, Grammys, and Emmys, and achieve international fame and endorsements. However, the journey to success also comes with immense attention and pressure. Coping with the spotlight can be challenging, but numerous studies have shown that staying active can significantly help with stress management. Moreover, these emerging stars serve as role models for countless young children and teenagers, making it crucial to choose active and healthy idols.

In previous years, we published the list of the 100 Fittest Rising Stars in Hollywood. This year, HFR whittled down the list from 100, to 50, and finally to 10. We have combined founder Samir Becic‘s expertise as a health and fitness expert of over 20 years, interviews, and social media posts to narrow down these fit young celebs.

For the first time since we started our rankings a decade ago, we have incorporated a vital component: mental health. Recognizing its significant influence on overall well-being, we have taken into account the mental health aspect while crafting this prestigious list. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that 1 in 5 Americans suffers from mental health illness, making it imperative to address this crucial aspect of health.

Samir Becic says of these young Hollywood celebrities “Rising stars are the future superstars. And with that, they become mega-influencers in the world. I’m asking each of you on this list- Let’s keep motivating our children to be the healthiest and fittest they can be so we can fight childhood obesity and diabetes type 2, while also creating successful leaders of tomorrow.”

This year, we are crowning the Top 10 Fittest Rising Stars in Hollywood 2024- here are the active young stars that made our list in alphabetical order:

John Boyega

Photo credit: @johnboyega Instagram
  • On John Boyega’s first workout day, the focus is on weight lifting for the chest and triceps. The warm-up consists of a 15-minute stretch on an incline at a speed of 7. The workout routine includes exercises such as bench press with 4 sets of 10 repetitions, tricep pushdowns with 3 sets of 10 repetitions, incline bench (using dumbbells or a bar), tricep overhead extension (using cable or dumbbell), dumbbell flys and tricep kickbacks. 
  • On John Boyega’s second workout day, following Calliet’s routine, the session begins with a 15-minute treadmill warm-up at a speed of 7.0 on an incline. The workout includes four sets of 20 reps of bench presses, incorporating eight to 12 push-ups between each set. Additionally, there are four sets of 20 assisted pull-ups and four main sets of pull-downs (lat version). The workout concludes with cardio exercises involving stairs and activities on the football field.
  • On John Boyega’s third workout day, the focus is on biceps and weight lifting. The routine starts with a 15-minute warm-up through stretching. The workout includes deadlifts, preacher curls, cable rows and hammer curls. 
  • On John Boyega’s fourth workout day, the routine begins with a 15-minute stretching session on a treadmill. The workout includes four sets of 20 reps of bench presses, with eight to 12 push-ups between each set. Additionally, there are four sets of 20 assisted pull-ups and four main sets of pull-downs (lat version). 
  • On John Boyega’s fifth workout day, the routine commences with a 15-minute stretching session on a treadmill. The workout includes squats, front raises, hamstring curls and shrugs.
  • In the first meal of John Boyega’s diet plan, he consumes 45 grams of carbohydrates, which equals 6 white eggs. 
  • The second meal consists of a protein shake with 35 grams of carbs from oats. 
  • Moving on to the third meal in John Boyega’s diet plan, it includes lean protein (chicken) and 65 grams of carbs from sweet potatoes, accompanied by 1 cup of green veggie soup. 
  • For the fourth meal, a protein shake with 35 grams of carbs from steel-cut oats is consumed. 
  • The fifth meal in John Boyega’s diet plan consists of lean protein, 1 cup of copra oil, and 1 green veggie soup.
Mental Health Practices: 
  • Presently, he is prepared to pause and embrace whatever the universe presents. Reflecting on his journey, Boyega shares, “When I began my professional career at 17, I certainly had specific goals for my twenties – career aspirations, financial targets, the whole spectrum.” Now, at 30, those ambitions have evolved. He expresses a heightened awareness and tranquility, offering him a fresh perspective on various situations. With fewer predefined plans, he observes how everything unfolds, shaped by the decisions made in his late twenties up to this point. Yet, let’s rewind the clock even further.

Yasmin Finney

Photo credit: @yazdemand Instagram
  • Integral to Yasmin’s fitness routine are cardiovascular exercises. Whether it’s jogging, cycling, or engaging in high-intensity interval training (HIIT), Yasmin incorporates activities that elevate her heart rate, infusing energy into her regimen. Embracing the cardiovascular challenge with enthusiasm, Yasmin considers it a key element for building stamina in her fitness journey.
  • A pivotal component of Yasmin’s workout regimen involves weight training, emphasizing compound exercises that simultaneously target multiple muscle groups. The incorporation of kettlebells introduces a dynamic aspect to her routine, allowing her to activate her core and test her strength in diverse ways. This style of resistance training not only sculpts her muscles but also contributes to the development of a robust and functional physique. 
  • Although Yasmin’s routine is primarily centered around intensity, she occasionally seeks tranquility through the practice of yoga. This serene activity complements her rigorous workouts by promoting flexibility and cultivating mental calmness. The fluid movements and mindful breathing involved in yoga contribute significantly to her overall well-being, providing a means for her to unwind and restore balance in the midst of her busy schedule.
  • Yasmin views her meals as a harmonious blend of flavors and essential nutrients. Skillfully balancing the fulfillment of cravings with providing vital nourishment, her plate is adorned with vibrant salads reminiscent of those found in food magazines. Lean proteins such as chicken, fish, and tofu serve as her allies, fortifying her muscles to meet the demands of her active lifestyle. Yasmin’s dedication to a colorful array of vegetables, including red peppers, leafy greens, and vibrant carrots, reflects her holistic approach to nutrition.
  • Recognizing the value of occasional indulgence, Yasmin fully embraces life’s pleasures, whether it’s savoring a velvety slice of chocolate cake or enjoying a hearty burger. These indulgent treats not only gratify her taste buds but also emphasize the importance of maintaining a balanced and moderate approach to her dietary choices.
Mental Health Practices: 
  • Over time, a relationship has developed with their skin. They experience issues such as pigmentation, scarring, and acne-prone skin, making it essential to find effective products. Dermologica’s Clear Start, particularly their mist, is a favored choice. Additionally, they appreciate CeraVe, easily accessible at local Boots stores, and find it versatile for use as a body moisturizer post-shower.

Cosmo Jarvis

Photo credit: @cosmo.jarvis Instagram
  • On Monday, Jarvis directs his attention to his chest and back during his workout session. He initiates with a warm-up that involves light cardio and stretches, leading into a circuit comprising push-ups, pull-ups, and flies. 
  • On Tuesday, Jarvis dedicates his workout to focusing on his legs, following a similar warm-up and stretching routine. He proceeds to engage in a circuit involving squats, lunges, and calf raises. 
  • Wednesday is dedicated to the upper body, specifically targeting shoulders and arms. The regimen commences with dumbbell shoulder presses, followed by a circuit that includes bicep curls, tricep exercises, and additional shoulder-focused movements.
  • Thursday marks another session dedicated to the lower body, with a specific emphasis on the glutes and hamstrings. The routine kicks off with a warm-up involving light cardio and stretching, leading into a sequence of exercises such as hip thrusts, Bulgarian split squats, and deadlifts.
  • Friday marks a comprehensive full-body workout day, with a particular emphasis on core exercises. The regimen commences with a warm-up involving light cardio and stretching, followed by a circuit incorporating crunches, Russian twists, and planks.
  • Embracing a diet rooted in the consumption of wholesome and natural foods, Jarvis steers clear of processed and unhealthy options. He underscores the significance of having a nutritious breakfast as a key aspect of his dietary approach.
  • For breakfast, Jarvis enjoys a combination of oats, eggs, and fruit. His lunch options include a salad or soup, along with a choice between a meat sandwich or a grilled cheese sandwich. Dinner usually consists of fish or chicken with vegetables on the side, or he might opt for spaghetti with meat sauce or chicken parmesan.
  • On Fridays, Jarvis designates it as a cheat day, allowing himself to indulge in whatever he desires, whether it’s pizza or ice cream.
  • Sundays are dedicated to rest, and Jarvis typically refrains from consuming a full meal, opting for a light snack like fruits or nuts.
Mental Health Practices: 
  • Jarvis attends cryotherapy sessions. They are characterized by standing in a chamber where liquid nitrogen significantly drops the ambient temperature, promoting the body’s natural healing processes.

Coco Jones

Photo credit: @cocojones Instagram
  • While her workout routines lack distinct demarcation, she finds joy in incorporating exercise as a consistent aspect of her daily life. Her approach to workouts is not overly experimental; instead, she adheres to fundamental exercises, demonstrating unwavering dedication to her daily practice.
  • Coco Jones has evolved into a seasoned dancer through her preparations for shows and events, with dancing now constituting a significant component of her workout routine. Although it doesn’t necessarily demand a separate time slot, her work mandates a meticulous and flexible approach to her movements, making dancing a consistent part of her schedule.
  • Consistency characterizes Coco Jones’ commitment to strength training sessions, which stand out as an optimal and highly efficient method for shedding stubborn body fat. Over the past few years, it has remained an integral aspect of Coco Jones’ workout routine. Her typical session comprises a warm-up routine, followed by exercises such as weighted squats, lunges, push-ups, pull-ups, and planks. To maximize the benefits, Coco incorporates dumbbells or kettlebells into these exercises. Additionally, her strength training routine often includes Bench Press, Dumbbell Flys, and Bent Over Rows.
  • Coco Jones maintains a straightforward approach to her diet, avoiding overly strict routines and opting for balance. 
  • Her culinary preferences include indulging in a satisfying bowl of colorful ramen accompanied by iced coffee. 
  • She particularly enjoys her ramen filled with an array of vegetables and chicken.
  • Additionally, eggs and seafood hold a special place in her diet, serving as the primary sources of protein that contribute to the maintenance of her muscular frame.
Mental Health Practices: 
  • Prioritizing hydration and adequate sleep is a key aspect of Coco Jones’s lifestyle. 
  • She finds relaxation in indulging in a good night’s sleep and enjoying lazy days in her bed. Maintaining a balanced hydration routine, Coco incorporates iced coffee, lemonade, and coconut water into her daily regimen. Conscious of meeting her fundamental needs for rest, recovery, and detoxification, Coco adheres to these simple yet crucial practices consistently. These lifestyle choices serve as the secret behind Coco Jones’s impressive physique, followed diligently day in and day out.

Joe Locke

Photo credit: @joelocke03 Instagram
  • His commitment to staying active is key to preserving his lean and toned physique. Involvement in a range of physical activities contributes significantly to his overall well-being and physical prowess.
  • Joe fitness routine doesn’t always demand a strict regimen; rather, integrating enjoyable activities into one’s lifestyle can be equally effective. Whether it’s hiking, cycling, swimming, or participating in team sports, these engaging pursuits offer a fun way to stay active. Joe Locke’s dedication to physical activity likely encompasses a blend of such enjoyable activities, each contributing to his overall fitness.
  • Joe incorporates a daily run of 3-5 km into your routine. Running not only enhances cardiovascular fitness but also boosts endurance and fosters a sense of accomplishment. It serves as an excellent method to clear your mind and promote overall well-being. 
  • Joe attains and sustains his lean physique by relying on a well-rounded diet. Including lean proteins, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats aids in muscle growth, sustains energy levels, and promotes overall health. Prioritizing nutrient-dense foods and maintaining proper hydration are essential components of any successful dietary plan.
  • Joe’s daily diet consists of a protein-rich breakfast comprising eggs, whole-grain toast, and avocado. For lunch, a quinoa salad incorporating a mix of vibrant vegetables and a lean protein source offers both satisfaction and nutrition. A well-balanced dinner could include grilled chicken, steamed vegetables, and a serving of brown rice.
Mental Health Practices: 
  • Locke thoroughly researched various options before settling on Wavy’s Everyday Curl Crème. Described as a lightweight lotion that enhances texture and defines curls, according to Locke, it not only provides the ideal level of hold but is also the product that finally made his hair look exceptional.

Xolo Mariduena

Photo credit: @xolo_mariduena Instagram
  • On Mondays, the workout routine includes a series of exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, bench press, dumbbell flyes, lat pulldowns, cable rows, shoulder press, lateral raises, and shrugs.
  • On Tuesdays, the workout regimen involves a range of exercises including squats, jump squats, weighted squats, barbell front squats, leg press, lunges, leg extension, and stiff-leg deadlifts.
  • Thursdays consist of a workout routine that includes wide grip push-ups, diamond push-ups, biceps dumbbell curls, barbell curls, hammer curls, triceps pushdowns, triceps bench press, and triceps dumbbell kickbacks.
  • On Fridays, the workout routine incorporates various exercises, including Smith machine squats, hack squats, curtsy lunges, single-leg pushdowns, hip thrusters, hip abduction, calf raises, and hyperextension.
  • A primary concern for Xolo Mariduena was dining out, prompting him to take up cooking at home. Additionally, he made dietary adjustments, opting for brown rice instead of white rice and prioritizing protein-rich foods such as chicken and fish.
  • For breakfast, the meal consists of eggs, whole-grain bread, and juice.
  • Lunch includes chicken, brown rice, and vegetables.
  • For dinner, the meal comprises fish, vegetables, brown rice, and a salad.
Mental Health Practices: 
  • Xolo Maridueña is experiencing the happiest phase of his life. He has been maintaining a healthy lifestyle, spending quality time with his family, and relishing the pleasant weather in Los Angeles. The Cobra Kai star and 2022 New Hollywood inductee, when speaking to Teen Vogue, expresses contentment, saying, “He really can’t complain.” Adhering to a motto of not getting too caught up in his own thoughts, be it concerning public perception or the next career move, he believes that everything will fall into place. His perspective is centered on doing things for himself and his family, trusting that everything will unfold as it should.

Josh O’Connor

Photo credit: @josho.connor._ Instagram
  • Running is a fundamental component of Josh O’Connor’s fitness regimen. He integrates running sessions not only into his regular workouts but also on rest days. Regularly visiting the gym, Josh O’Connor participates in a variety of tailored training sessions that aim to support his upcoming roles and sustain a well-toned physique. His gym workouts involve a mix of exercises, incorporating weightlifting, resistance training, and functional movements. This diverse approach enables him to develop strength, flexibility, and balance, enhancing his on-screen presence.
  • His concentration lies on compound movements such as deadlifts, squats, bench presses, and overhead presses, strategically targeting multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Engaging in these compound exercises not only fosters raw strength but also enhances functional movements, enabling him to execute physically demanding scenes effortlessly.
  • While committed to his workout regimen, Josh O’Connor places equal emphasis on maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet. His dietary plan revolves around supplying essential nutrients to support his body for rigorous physical demands while fostering overall health and well-being.
  • Josh O’Connor adheres to a clean eating approach, opting for whole, unprocessed foods that are rich in nutrients. His meals include a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. This clean eating practice not only bolsters his physical performance but also amplifies mental clarity and focus.
  • In preparation for specific roles, Josh O’Connor collaborates closely with nutritionists and dietitians to customize his dietary plan. For example, if he is portraying a character with specific body requirements or physical attributes, his diet is modified to effectively meet those particular needs.
  • Remaining well-hydrated is a crucial element of Josh O’Connor’s dietary regimen. He acknowledges the significance of consuming an ample amount of water throughout the day to bolster his workouts, facilitate digestion, and uphold overall well-being.
Mental Health Practices: 
  • Acknowledging the mental health challenges prevalent in the acting profession, O’Connor openly shared his awareness of these issues. Additionally, he recounted a unique and transformative “weird baptism” experience that played a significant role in supporting and enhancing his own mental well-being.

Nicola Peltz

Photo credit: @nicolaannepeltzbeckham Instagram
  • Nicola expressed a preference for walking over running, prompting the inclusion of a cardio routine as a warm-up. This workout involves a brisk 15-minute walk, serving to effectively warm up your body and stimulate blood flow throughout. 
  • On Day 1, the workout routine consists of three sets, each comprising 10 to 15 repetitions, with a rest time of 30 seconds between sets. The exercises for the day include squats, lunges, leg press, leg extension, leg curls, and calf raises, forming a comprehensive lower body training session.
  • On Day 2, the workout plan involves three sets, each with 10 to 15 repetitions and a 30-second rest interval. The exercises for the day include bench press, dumbbell press, cable flyes, lat pulldowns, cable rows, and deadlifts, creating a comprehensive upper body training session.
  • On Day 3, the workout routine involves three sets, each with 10 to 15 repetitions and a 30-second rest interval. The exercises for the day include hack squats, thigh abduction, glute cable kickback, side glute cable kickback, hip thruster, and hyperextension, offering a comprehensive lower body training session focusing on different muscle groups.
  • On Day 4, the workout routine consists of three sets, each comprising 10 to 15 repetitions, with a 30-second rest period. The exercises for the day include shoulder press, shoulder shrugs, bicep curls, barbell curls, tricep pushdowns, and tricep cable kickbacks, providing a comprehensive upper body training session to target various muscle groups.
  • Nicola Peltz is a vegan.
  • For breakfast, Nicola incorporates fruits, whole-grain toast, and either oats or a pancake into your morning meal.
  • For a snack, Nicola opts for a vegan protein shake to keep you energized and satisfied.
  • For lunch, she enjoys a refreshing bowl of salad.
  • After her workout, she has a post-workout meal consisting of blueberry pancakes.
  • For dinner, Nicola savors a nutritious combination of quinoa and vegetables.
Mental Health Practices: 
  • Whenever Nicola experiences a bothersome pimple, she promptly applies a Starface pimple patch before going to sleep.
  • Due to her sensitive skin, Nicola relies on the EyeEco Gentle Formula Tea Tree Eyelid and Facial Cleanser as her daily cleanser.

Storm Reid

Photo credit: @stormreid Instagram
  • Storm is a firm believer in achieving a balance across various forms of exercise, encompassing cardio and strength training.
  • Torm dedicates five days a week to gym sessions, lasting between 45 to 65 minutes. Her approach to fitness is marked by a determined attitude and a commitment to her workout goals.
  • On Monday, she engages in a series of stretching exercises, including a bent arm wall stretch, lying quad stretch, trunk twist, seated glute stretch, hip flexor stretch, standing toe lift, rotator cuff stretch, and piriformis stretch.
  • On Tuesday, Storm partakes in yoga workouts featuring exercises such as low plank, three-legged dog, cat cow pose, reverse lizard, intense child’s pose, extended shoulder rolls, hip-width forward bend, and eagle pose.
  • She embarks on a Pilates workout routine on Wednesday, involving exercises like forward fold, spine twists with hands behind the head, hip lift, rollovers, kneeling side kick, plank to leg raises, one-legged downward-facing dog, shoulder bridge, criss-cross, and seated roll-down.
  • On Thursday, she focuses on upper body exercises with a regimen of four sets and 10 repetitions each. Include incline dumbbell presses, horizontal rowing, up-and-over shoulder press, assisted pull-ups and dips, as well as bear crawl and hang clean in your workout routine.
  • Storm Reid’s dietary regimen primarily consists of food items and beverages with high nutritional value. Committed to maintaining a healthy and fit body, she emphasizes the intake of substantial amounts of lean proteins, carbohydrates, and fibers. In her dedication to a nutritious lifestyle, Storm refrains from consuming alcoholic beverages, high-fat foods, and sugars, ensuring a balanced and health-conscious approach to her diet.
  • For breakfast, Storm indulges in a selection of frozen fruit smoothies, roasted carrots, and pears, along with air-fried squash soup and a refreshing kale juice.
  • For lunch, Reid savors a combination of pickled mushrooms, spring panzanella, and herbed white bean dip.
  • For dinner, she enjoys an asparagus and mushroom frittata, garlicky Swiss chard with chickpeas, and a Tuscan tuna and white bean salad.
Mental Health Practices:
  • In Storm’s skincare regimen, she incorporates Tatcha’s The Rice Wash cleanser and Tatcha’s The Dewy Skin Cream for moisturizing. Additionally, she includes 2-3 drops of Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Hyaluronic Serum in her routine.

Hunter Schafer

Photo credit: @hunterschafer Instagram
  • Hunter starts her day with a Pilates session as part of her stretching routine. Pilates is known for promoting leanness, toning the body, and achieving a slender waistline while efficiently burning calories. 
  • Hunter also does cardio and a full body circuit routine. During this exercise session, she engages in three sets of 20-minute sessions on the treadmill or any alternative cardio routine before transitioning to circuit training. In the circuits, her emphasis will be on specific body areas. While this routine primarily involves bodyweight exercises, she also incorporates weights or resistance bands for added intensity.
  • The workout consists of three sets with each set involving exercises performed for 45 seconds, followed by a rest period of 1-2 minutes after completing the entire circuit. In the first circuit focusing on the upper body, the exercises include burpees, push-ups, pike push-ups, triceps dips, and mountain climbers. Moving on to the second circuit, which targets the core, Hunter engages in crunches, leg raises, plank twisters, side planks with hip dips, and a plank hold. The third circuit, dedicated to the lower body, involves squats, squat pulses, lunges, donkey kickbacks to a fire hydrant, and glute bridges. 
  • For breakfast, Hunter enjoys a delightful combination of poached eggs, avocado toast, and a refreshing glass of juice.
  • Hunter drinks a protein shake for her snacks. 
  • For lunch, Hunter eats a balanced and satisfying meal consisting of a lean chicken breast, a modest portion of rice, and a variety of nutritious vegetables. This combination offers a well-rounded plate with protein, carbohydrates, and essential vitamins from the vegetables, creating a wholesome and delicious lunch option.
  • For dinner, consider a choice of grilled salmon, turkey, or whole grain pasta paired with a side of fresh vegetables and a crisp salad.
Mental Health Practices: 
  • On days off, Hunter doesn’t set an alarm. During workdays, alarms are set 35 minutes apart, allowing Hunter to reach the end of the series before fully waking up. On leisure days, she chooses to sleep in until at least noon, followed by spending an additional hour in bed either on her phone or checking in with friends to plan the day ahead.

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