Top 10 Fittest Senators


Regardless of party affiliation, it is important that our leaders demonstrate healthy lifestyle and physical fitness. Healthy Body, Healthy Mind – we want our leaders to be healthy!

The 10 Senators on this list not only lead healthy lifestyles themselves, but also promote within their leadership roles to their constituents.

We first researched all the available data on the 100 current Senators. Then, we did more extensive research to narrow it down to 50, 25, and then finally 10. We used a combination of interviews, internet, library, industry literature, and Samir Becic’s knowledge of over 33 years in athletics coupled with his experience as 4 times Number 1 Fitness Trainer in the World.

We must say that it was difficult for us to find data on these politicians healthy lifestyles. Hopefully, this motivates our leaders to promote health and fitness more to their constituents.

Here is Samir Becic and Health Fitness Revolution‘s list of Top 10 Fittest Senators:


Jeff Flake – Arizona

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“I enjoy sports all the time. Baseball. I like pickup basketball. I jog, bike, you name it.”


  • Took his sons to an isolated, uninhabited tropical island for a “four day survival holiday” (previously completed a survival week alone).
  • A devoted follower of P90X workouts.
  • Enjoys swimming and being outdoors.

Lisa Murkowski – Alaska

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“We all know the problem, and we all know that eating the right amount of healthy foods and getting enough exercise are the answers to preventing overweight, obesity and all the related serious health problems and costs.”


  • Wrote an article on genetically modified salmon published in Women’s Health, mentioning her conscientiousness of healthy, lean protein.
  • She regularly posts photos of cooking and freshly picked vegetables on her Facebook page.
  • Enjoys hiking, skiing, and being active with her family.
  • Told Health Fitness Revolution that she walks to and from work every chance she gets and uses the elevator as little as possible to get to her office, which is on the 7th floor.


Cory Booker- New Jersey

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 “It’s what you eat, it’s how you exercise, it’s how you sleep”


  • Eats a Vegetarian Diet
  • Exercise Routine:
    • Lifts weights
    • Cardio
    • Biking
  • Former college football player at Stanford.
  • Lost 42 lbs and still trying to lose more.
  • His “Breakfast after the Bell” program – feeds students so they are ready for the day.
  • He educates students about healthy living and eating.
  • Cory made our Top 10 Fittest Mayors list and our Top 10 Fittest American Politicians list.


Robert “Bob” Casey Jr. – Pennsylvania

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“The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act will put us on a path to end childhood hunger and obesity and improve the health of the next generation of Americans. If we miss the opportunity to pass this bill and improve these programs, it will be our children who pay the price for our inaction.”


  • Serves on the Senate committee for health
  • Plays in the annual softball game
  • Enjoys jogging
  • Plays basketball
  • Coaches basketball also


Kirsten Gillibrand – New York

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“The government can take smart steps to give all kids the healthy start they need to reach their full potential.”


  • She is fighting for the Healthy Food Financing Initiative to bring more grocery stores, farmers markets, food cooperatives and other options within reach.
  • She wants to connect fresh produce with new markets
  • She is aiming at fighting poverty and poor nutrition by increasing SNAP (food stamp) benefits
  • On her agenda is also committing to reducing childhood obesity by unveiling her plan to ban trans fats in school and provide healthier school lunches, eliminate junk food and snacks from schools, increase exercise opportunities for children, and improve preventive care to combat childhood obesity.
  • Lost about 40 pounds 2010 because of diet: only water, fruits, veggies, grilled chicken, and no dessert.
  • She runs and plays squash on the weekends
  • Practices and plays softball with other congresswomen.


Tim Kaine – Virginia

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“I believe healthy should be judged on what you can do, like run a mile without stopping, rather than things you shouldn’t do. We’re [My Family and I] all so active that it balances out.”


  • Admits he went through a period of exercise binges.
  • Runs  5k,8k,10k, races each year:
    • runs with family
    • prepares by using elliptical machine
    • runs up to 6  miles outside
  • Works out for 45-60 minutes 5 days a week, often with Marco Rubio (who is on our fitness reportcard of 2016 Presidential Hopefuls here):
    • 30 minute elliptical workout
    • 15 minutes of upper body and core exercises on universal weight machine
  • Almost always participates in one long bike ride per year.
  • Enjoys camping, hiking, canoeing, and biking.


Jeff Merkley – Oregon

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Has said his workouts have been “very helpful in managing the stress of the job…When things go awry and you’re trying to make a project happen…I say to myself, ‘You know, I’m going to hold off on worrying about that until I’ve worked out tomorrow.'”


  • He finished an Iron Distance Triathlon 2012 (140 miles of biking, swimming, and running)
  • Dropped about 30 pounds from 2010-2012.
  • His daughter encouraged him to get back into being active because she runs and does cross country.


Bill Nelson – Florida

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“Education is the totality of oneself, mind as well as body… staying physically fit is important in school because you’re making strong little bodies as well as strong little minds”


  • His diet is low-carb and low-fat.
  • He doesn’t drink alcohol, doesn’t smoke, and exercises religiously.
  • Senator Nelson has done the astronaut physical in Houston roughly every other year since he flew aboard the space shuttle in 1986 and he’s always passed with flying colors.
  • His office told Health Fitness Revolution that Bill believes one key to good health is staying active, whether it’s jogging almost every day, hunting quail in North Florida or searching for pythons in the Everglades.
  • He is a strong advocate of physical fitness in schools.
  • He jogs 2 miles every morning.
  • Served six years in the U.S. Army and Army Reserve, which means he was active throughout his youth.
  • Nelson has started an initiative to boost physical education in schools. He has voiced his concern that schools are dropping physical education programs at a time when health risks such as including hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity are affecting more and more children. Nelson visited the Duval County school to announce his initiative to boost physical education programs in schools.


Rand Paul – Kentucky 

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In 1995, Paul founded the Southern Kentucky Lions Eye Clinic, which provides free eye care for low-income people, “because I wanted to be able to give back to the community.”


  • Paul swam and played football in high school.
  • Still plays baseball in the annual Congressional Baseball game.
  • Currently volunteers in little league baseball, soccer, and basketball for each of his three sons.
  • Founded the Southern Kentucky Lions Eye Clinic to provide free eye exams and surgeries to families in need and keep their eyes healthy.
  • Paul is also on our Fitness Reportcard for 2016 Presidential Hopefuls and got an A-.


Mark Udall – Colorado 

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“Coloradans know our mountains, parks and open spaces are essential to our special way of life. But as study after study shows childhood obesity rates are increasing, we must do more to connect our kids with opportunities for outdoor adventure. The Healthy Kids Outdoors Act supports local initiatives across the United States to ensure our kids everywhere have access to outdoor recreational opportunities and they can reap the numerous benefits of an active lifestyle.”


  • Enjoys outdoor activities:
    • Hiking
    • Rafting
  • Is an avid Mountaineer.
  • He has climbed Mount everest.
  • Supports government Acts to promote fitness in children and reducing the childhood obesity rate.




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