Top 10 Fittest TV Personalities in Houston

Photographer: Kory Fontenot

Have you ever wondered how TV hosts, journalists, and other personalities spend their time off-screen? How do they maintain their appearance for the cameras, how do they stay refreshed for every new day? Many TV personalities make time to exercise so they have the energy to perform every day.

Last year, Mayor Sylvester Turner appointed Samir Becic as Houston’s official “Fitness Czar” to help change the city’s reputation as one of the “fattest cities in America”. Since then, Samir has been working non-stop to make Houston one of the healthiest and fittest cities in the US.

This is why the Health Fitness Revolution team, along with our founder Samir, have undertaken the task of ranking the healthiest and fittest among notorious and famous Houstonians who promote a healthy lifestyle to their followers and fans. We truly believe that promoting those in the public eye that lead by example are a cornerstone to building a healthier community. We will be doing 7 different “Top 10 Fittest” in Houston lists… so stay tuned as we reveal them!

Here are our Top 10 fittest TV personalities in Houston, even the Houston Chronicle picked up this article check it out here!

Jonathan Martin – FOX 26

  • Won Dancing With The Houston Stars.
  • Is a professional dancer.
  • Strength trains 5-6 times a week, often with professional athletes.
  • Cardio.
  • Intense ab workouts.
  • Played Varsity basketball in high school.

Ivory Hecker – FOX 26

  • Grew up running track.
  • As a teen, she ran 5k races with her dad.
  • Two to four days a week of weight lifting and/or plyometric strength training.
  • Does cardio 5 days a week- either running or stair master.
  • Focus on weight-bearing exercises like lunges and push-ups.
  • Makes sure her protein intake is about 100g a day.
  • Eats a fresh fruit and vegetable smoothie daily to ensure she is getting the proper nutrients to her body.
  • Avoids processed sugar- only eats it once a month.
  • Weight lifting.
  • HIIT workouts.

Chauncy Glover – ABC 13

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  • Intense weight training and cardio 5-6 times a week.
  • Plays basketball.
  • Plays baseball. 
  • Golfs.

Eric Braate – KPRC Channel 2

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  • Avid runner.
  • Avid biker.
  • Has completed several triathlons.
  • Has run marathons all over the world.
  • Extremely fit.

Brheanna Berry – ABC 13

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It’s only the first week of January so you may think it’s too early to celebrate progress on your New Years resolutions, but not me! I am excited and motivated and proud of myself, even if it’s only been a few days. ✨ I worked out every single day and pushed myself in the gym every single time + lost 2lbs (even though I’m not big on checking the scale because I don’t really think the number matters) Still it was nice to see a change ✨I went to bed on time to make sure I was giving myself a chance the next day ✨I connected with people who are going to help me achieve my personal growth goals ✨I started making big steps on a project I’ve been dying to make a reality ✨I walked into work every single day with a positive attitude and optimistic outlook ✨I ate healthy every single day and stuck to a pretty rigorous meal plan ✨Everything I wrote into my planner I accomplished when I said I would ✨I volunteered my time and committed to making it a regular part of my life ✨All that in a week! Sure it was just a week but I could have quit any time and didn’t. You can’t make it to a month or a year without stringing individual days together. Wait until you see my year and the woman I am working to be! 2019 motto: “If you want to live a life you’ve never lived, you have to do things you’ve never done” Here’s to stepping out of my comfort zone and making my dreams a reality!

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  • Runs with her dogs.
  • Does weight training.
  • Likes hiking.
  • Goes to the gym every day.
  • Enjoys HIIT workouts.
  • Pays attention to her diet.

Erik Barajas – ABC 13

  • Strength training with weights.
  • Plays baseball with his son.
  • Enjoys fishing.
  • Likes swimming with his family.
  • Cardio with his son.

Tom Koch – ABC 13

  • Ran 6 marathons.
  • Goes on runs every other day.
  • Loves trout fishing.
  • Was part of his high school football team.
  • Is in the Houston Marathon Hall of Fame for longest running marathon announcer in the country.

Elita Loresca – ABC13

  • Loves the outdoors and playing at the park with her kids.
  • Coached tee-ball.
  • Enjoys classes like spinning, zumba, pilates, kickboxing and barre.
  • Has said “Somebody that is screaming at me and telling me that I need to work harder. That’s my best workout.”
  • Does Crossfit.

David Gonzalez – KHOU

  • Has run a 10K.
  • Does Crossfit regularly.
  • Exercises outdoors with his dog.
  • Does workouts with a weighted vest.

Stephen Morgan – FOX 26

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My ‘New Year’s resolutionist’ progress pic

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  • Grew up playing soccer.
  • Likes going to the gym.
  • Hikes.
  • Does yoga.
  • Enjoys the outdoors.
  • Runs.
  • Plays volleyball.

HONORARY MEMBERS: These 3 Houston Queens are always on our list- they go above and beyond to promote health and fitness in our great city. They are also extremely fit themselves! They have no competition…

Deborah Duncan – KHOU

  • Does weight training 3-4 times a week.
  • Has been active her whole life.
  • Is one of the best promoters of healthy lifestyle in Houston. Her show consistently invites health experts to share their wealth of knowledge.
  • Focuses on a diet that’s rich in lean proteins and complex carbohydrates.
  • Enjoys horseback riding.

Dominique Sachse – KPRC Channel 2

  • Likes dancing and bike riding.
  • Enjoys spinning classes.
  • Does strength and resistance training 3-4 times a week.
  • Eats a high protein diet (reduce or eliminate white sugar, flour, salt, and dairy).
  • Is a strong believer in taking vitamins/supplements.
  • Joined #pushupseverywhere challenge.
  • Is one of the best promoters of healthy lifestyle in Houston.
  • Created several videos on fitness for her YouTube channel.

Melissa Wilson – Fox26

  • Plays sports with her children.
  • Scuba Dives.
  • Has sky dived.
  • Does white water rafting.
  • Knows Tae Kwon Do.
  • Goes to the gym 3-4 a week.
  • Loves gardening.
  • Frequently does news segments on health and fitness.
  • Eats an organic diet.

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