Top 10 Foods for Longevity


Longevity isn’t just about good genes- our lifestyle choices play a large role in how old we live.  The everyday decisions we make about nutrition, fitness, sleep, and other health choices control many of the factors that will influence the quality and quantity of our years on earth.

Natural foods are the best source of vitamins and minerals that lead to longevity, especially when eaten raw.  Microwave or steam vegetables with as little water as possible to retain the maximum amount of nutrients.

Keep reading and find out HFR and ReSYNC Your Life author Samir Becic’s Top 10 Foods for Longevity:

  • Kale: extremely high in flavonoids, which is proven to kill off cancer cells.
  • Jicama: a slightly sweet and crisp root vegetable high in potassium, which helps to reduce high blood pressure.
  • Broccoli: packed with sulforaphane and other antioxidants that help to protect healthy cells from damage caused by free radicals
  • Berries: not only do they extend life, but they extend the quality of life in later years. Full of many antioxidants, the most important is anthocyanins- particularly important for brain function, balance and muscle retention.
  • Whole grains: maintain cardiovascular health.  They are full of fiber, known to help protect against high cholesterol in addition to regulating blood sugar levels, which can curb diabetes.
  • Tomatoes: are a significant source of lycopene, which is a fat soluble nutrient that is good for eyesight and protects against stomach, lung, and prostate cancers.
  • Beets: Contain betaine and anthocyanins, which is proven to significantly reduce inflammation and protect cells from aging.
  • Sweet Potatoes: contain beta-carotene which contains heart-healthy Vitamin A.  It is also very good for skin health.
  • Avocados: source of mono-saturated fat and very high in folate, which helps repair DNA cells.
  • Garlic: Loaded with natural sulphur compounds that help to boost your immune system and keep your heart healthy.


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