Top 10 Free Health and Fitness Apps


Smartphones have become the norm in our thriving digital age. Known for being handy, all-in-one devices, smartphones aren’t so smart without the convenience of certain programs – or apps. In our case, the apps we’re looking at fall into the health and fitness category. These apps are helpful tools for trying to get in shape and stay healthy, and have served as substitutes for trainers, nutritionists and dietitians while also tracking goals and achievements. But with so many to choose from, where do you being?

We’ve compiled a list of 10 essential health and fitness apps, all of which are free!

  • Spring* – An iPhone exclusive, Spring is a music app designed specifically for workouts. Everyone agrees that working out is much more fun with some upbeat tunes, and Spring provides music that plays in-sync with the movement of the your body to idealize the workout experience. Get ready for your morning runs or spin classes to fly by!
  • MapMyFitness MapMyFitness provides users with guidelines for a healthy, fit lifestyle by giving them the tools to track their food intake and exercise. Tracking is a good way to become more conscious of your health habits and it makes it much easier to lose weight or refrain from gaining weight. MapMyFitness also has a feature where you can share your activity with friends, so when you lose those 5 lbs or achieved a new PR, you get to show it off!
  • Noom If you find tracking all of the elements of your diet tiring and difficult, Noom may be the app for you! It has an extremely wide database that includes all sorts of popular food items, so you can make sure your tracking is accurate and that you’re eating the right number of calories to reach your goals. Noom also gives you tips on how to change your habits to be as healthy as possible.
  • HealthyOut Eating out can be very difficult if you’re trying to stay in shape. Thankfully, HealthyOut quickly provides nearby suggestions for restaurants with options including your diet specifications. You can enter a calorie limit or a diet restriction like “vegan”, and this app will find options near you. Going out with friend can finally be guilt-free!
  • Lumosity If you like playing games, you’ll like Lumosity. Lumosity exercises your mind, including games that train your reflexes, your memory and more. These exercises seem just like fun and games, but studies have shown an increase in brain function after steady use. After working on them for several weeks, your mind will be sharper than ever!
  • HealthTap Doctors are at your fingertips with this app! If you have a minor health concern but don’t have time to visit your doctor, you can text medical professionals and receive free advice tailored to your concerns. HealthTap also includes healthy lifestyle forums which help enables users to learn and grow together.
  • Runkeeper If outdoor exercise is your thing, Runkeeper will be your best friend! This app tracks your distance, pace, calories and route. A handy voice alert chimes in every 5 minutes notifying you of your time, pace and distance, ensuring you of where you are in your goals.  You can also compare your workout to previous days to even track your progression.  Runkeeper also features a playlist keep your favorite workout tunes close by.
  • MyFitnessPal Calorie counting made extremely easy! This app helps you keep a food journal, complete with nutritional facts and calories.  MyFitnessPal has an extensive database of fast food and restaurant dishes so you’re never guessing caloric intake.  You can also log your workouts and the app will deduct the calories you burned from your daily amount.
  • Nike Training Club This fitness app offers over 100 workouts specifically crafted by Nike master trainers and athletes (such Allyson Felix and Sydney Leroux) for all fitness levels. Whether your goal is to tone up, lean out or get stronger your perfect workout awaits.  There’s even a video of each workout to show you the proper form and technique.  And if you’re crunched for time, don’t worry! Many of the focus workouts are as short as 15 minutes.
  • ShopWell If you struggle with nutrition labels, this is a great tool.  Start by creating a profile with your age, gender, health goals, allergies, and food you would like to avoid in your diet (sugar, fat, sodium).  As you shop you simply scan each item’s barcode and you are given either a red, yellow, or green light and a score (the higher, the better).  This identifies the food that you should steer clear of, or those that are really good for you.  No more grocery store confusion!

*With the exception of Spring, all the apps featured are available for iPhone and Android devices.

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