Top 10 Health Benefits of Meditation


Take a deep breath and relax. Our busy lives are full of stress and an endless stream of electronic distractions, with constant communication making it seem like we can never escape finding some peace and quiet. Meditation is an ancient means of achieving some modern peace of mind. It can be done in groups or alone, in studios, or even out in nature. If the idea of serenity and inner calm doesn’t convince you to start meditating yet, we’ve listed the top 10 health benefits of meditation for you here.

  • Aids in clearing busy minds: In this fast pace society, our minds can often be cluttered with so many things going on in our lives, it’s hard to appreciate the beauty of your surroundings and people at the moment. By practicing meditation, it can help you slow down time and de-clutter all the worries, thoughts, and stresses.

  • Helps create acceptance within yourself and others: In a society that can be driven by social groups, it can be hard to find yourself in this world. Meditation can help create acceptance about yourself and remove the stigmas of trying to be perfect or putting pressure on one’s self. It allows you to be relaxed in a safe zone where you can be yourself.
  • Promotes emotional well-being: If you are a person who worries often, stresses, or maybe even suffers from depression, studies show that meditation can improve that current state and increase more optimism and relieve mood tensions.

  • Increases happiness: Meditation is a powerful tool that allows you to tune into your inner consciousness that might not always present. We all lead busy lives, balancing work, school, and maybe even a family. It can be hard to be present in the moment and taking quiet time out encourages you to submerge yourself in the present moment and be self-aware of things that you could achieve with the right mindset.
  • Reduces stress: We all stress out sometimes and can feel overwhelmed. Meditation can be a great way to ease the lateral and medial prefrontal cortex- easing our stress levels. This area of the brain is the rational and logical perspective of the mind; regular meditation has been shown to improve the stress receptors in a Harvard Study.

  • Improves concentration: The act of sitting still itself requires a lot of focus on the mind, so over time it should also improve your concentration whether at work, school, family, or just in between balance of all things. Better concentration means better attention to what you might be lacking in your personal or social life. The Buddha is one of the most influential pioneers for mindfulness meditation, where he is known to have meditated under the Bodhi Tree for 7 days without moving.
  • Contributes to a healthier lifestyle: Here at HFR, we believe a healthy lifestyle leads to a happy lifestyle. Meditation can encourage other healthy habits and attributions such as eating healthier, exercising, and it’s also great for the mind.

  • Beauty benefits: We can try all the beauty products and face creams out on the market, but there are benefits to meditation that truly enhances both inner and outer beauty. By meditating, we are letting fresh oxygen in and out of our respiratory system when focused. This eliminates the buildup of bad toxins and aid in releasing chemical and/or hormonal imbalances. Also, a good meditation practice increases blood flow circulation to the surface of the skin, creating a nice subtle glow for the face.
  • Overall health benefits: Studies show that meditation can lower blood pressure, help cardiovascular and immune systems regulate better, and also can help prevent arthritis,  fibromyalgia, depression in mothers to be, anxiety and panic disorders, and get better sleep at night.
  • Meditation can be practiced anywhere and it is free: The best thing about meditation is that you can practice it anywhere at any time, by finding a quiet space at work, school, home, or even in your car. It is recommended for beginners to begin training at home where you are most familiar with everything around you then as your practice grows, you can learn to put your focus anywhere. Also, meditating is free! There are no costs to meditation as long as the effort and focus are put in, you can enjoy all the benefits of meditation!


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