Top 10 Health Benefits of Reflexology

Woman having reflexology foot massage in wellness spa

Did you know reflexology is a massage technique that can be traced back to Ancient Egypt? In this form of massage, the pressure is applied in specific areas or zones in the hands and feet that correlate to different parts of the body. This technique is an effective way to treat a wide array of health conditions, so read up on these top ten benefits of reflexology! Your body may just thank you later.

Reduces Stress. Several studies including one from the Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing show that reflexology foot massages greatly reduce the level of stress the receivers feel. Just like a massage chair or getting a back rub, reflexology is a great way to relax and reduce stress by a trained professional.

Can help treat tension headaches and chronic migraines. If studies are showing that reflexology massages can help reduce stress, imagine getting rid of headaches at the same time! If you suffer from chronic headaches and migraines you may want to consider giving this a try.

Can be useful in treating insomnia. By reducing stress levels it is easier to decrease the effect insomnia has on your daily life. Reflexology can even help you get to sleep by making you feel more at ease and relaxed with this ancient technique.

Reduces anxiety. A healthline article reported that according to a reflexology study, massages can greatly aid in reducing feelings of anxiety. For those struggling with anxiety, this can be a great tool for relief from their symptoms.

Can be an important tool for pain management. A study cited by Healthline showed that reflexology can be successfully used to treat PMS symptoms, which shows that it can be beneficial in pain management for those who receive reflexology treatments.

Can aid in treating back pain and multiple sclerosis. There are several studies that have examined the effectiveness of reflexology massage on chronic back pain. One study stands out because it compared general massage techniques to reflexology found that participants assigned to the reflexology treatment group reported significantly higher levels of relief compared to those in the general massage group.

Can help cancer patients cope with neural side effects such as numbness in the legs. Not only is reflexology is a great tool for pain management and reducing stress, it can also help combat the side effects that cancer patients struggle with. Since reflexology is a form of massage, it is low risk and doesn’t require much activity or preparation in order to participate, which makes it compatible for cancer patients.

Can be used to boost fertility. Reflexology has been reported to help boost fertility. By giving the body a chance to take care of itself, the body can balance hormones better and people who have tried reflexology reported boosts infertility.

May improve the immune system. Stress alone can cause your immune system to degrade in efficiency and functioning, so it is very important to reduce stress levels and take care of our immune systems.

Improves mood and general well being. Reflexology is such a powerful tool in reducing so many stress-related health conditions, it is no wonder that it can also help a lot with improving your overall mood and well being. With less stress on your mind and body, you’ll have much more energy to embrace every day healthy and happy!

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