Top 10 Health & Fitness Tips for Golfers


Golf has become one of the biggest hobbies in America with more and more people playing each year. Some of these people believe that just playing golf is enough exercise for them, but that is not true. Not only will exercising regularly make you healthier, but it can also improve your golf game. And who doesn’t want to improve their game?

Here are Health Fitness Revolution’s Top 10 Fitness Tips for Golfers.

  • Work the core muscles: In golf you are constantly using your core muscles to get a good drive on the ball. The stronger your core muscles are, the further you will be to drive the ball.
  • Strengthen arm and back muscles: While the core muscles are key, the arm and back muscles must also be strong and in shape.  You do not want them to fatigue while you are out on the course.
  • Stretch: You need to make to stretch, especially your hips and shoulders. You need to be able to get a full range of motion on your swings to get the best results on your drive.
  • Drink water: It gets hot on the course during the summer and being dehydrated will not only affect your physical game, but it will also affect the mental aspect of your game.
  • Do cardio: Playing an entire 18 holes can be draining and there is a lot of walking going on. Make sure you are doing some sort of cardio training a couple of days a week so you do not fatigue.
  • Eat a balanced diet: Playing 18 holes can take 4 or more hours so you need to have a diet that will give you energy and keep you energized while you play. Not only that, but a bad diet will make you feel lethargic after a while and not only will your scores suffer, but you will not enjoy yourself nearly as much.
  • Get a good warmup! You need to make sure to warm up your legs, hips, upper body and core muscles. You will be taking a lot of swings over the course of a game of golf and want to reduce the risk of injuries.
  • Have good posture: Not only will a good posture help you with hitting the ball, but it will also keep you from getting fatigued and even possibly from getting injured.
  • Work out the leg muscles: The force behind a good drive comes from the core and lower body muscles not from the arms!
  • Mental training: Golf can be very taxing mentally, make sure you keep your mind active when you are not playing so you can maintain and improve the amount of time you can focus.



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