Top 10 Healthiest Restaurants in Houston

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Here at HFR we are all about community and encouraging healthy lifestyle. We already published an article about the Top 10 Healthiest World Cuisines, and now we are taking it a step further and ranking the healthiest restaurants in our hometown of Houston, TX! To keep it fair, we are categorizing these restaurants based on type of cuisine- AND giving you different price options for each- so that you can stay healthy on ANY budget!

To create the list, we used a combination of experience, internet, trying a wide range of Houston restaurants, and H.F.R. institute founder Samir’s knowledge of over 20 years as a fitness expert coupled with his recognition as “4x Number 1 Fitness Trainer in the World.”

Samir says of these restaurants: “Houston is a city known for its diverse food scene and thousands of restaurants. We are trying to help you to find the healthy options even in restaurants that don’t have the typical attributes of being “healthy”.”

And without further ado, we bring you our Top 10 list of Healthiest Houston Restaurants in no particular order:


 Japanese culture is known for it’s small portions loaded with colorful vegetables like cabbage, negi (green onion), and nasu (eggplant). As a culture, the Japanese strive on eating very healthy and using seasonal ingredients and flavors. All the seasonal ingredients are carefully selected and counterbalance each other. Most Japanese drink green tea with their meals, which is loaded with antioxidants.

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$: Oishii

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Most Vietnamese cuisine is low in fat,  jam-packed with flavorful and a variety of vitamin-enriched vegetables vegetables. After lunch or dinner, rather than a heavy pastry, fruit is usually presented as desert. There are many exotic and super healthy varieties, such as “fruit of paradise” known as the fruit with the highest concentration in vitamin A. Studies have also found that it may contain more lycopene than tomatoes.

$$: Le Colonial

$: Les Ba’get

South Mediterranean (Italian and Greek)

Often touted as the healthiest cuisine, a staple in most of the dishes is olive oil, which has been shown to be great for heart health. As shown in many studies, this type of diet is a great way to decrease any inflammation in the body caused by diseases while also being a good way to lose weight since it’s loaded with good saturated fats, vegetables, which bolster health and metabolism.  

$$: Arcodoro

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$: Niko Niko’s


This cuisine is high in both grains and fiber. It balances the combination of healthy fat found in legumes with health-boosting spices and herbs that lower blood pressure and provide anti-inflammatory benefits. Most dishes combine a healthy blend of ingredients, which provide a good probiotic, ginger, onion, and garlic. To make your Indian food even healthier, just stay away from eating too much white rice, and opt instead for a healthier whole grain.

$$: Indika

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$: Pondicheri

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The two following restaurants are quintessential American fusion and their menus include many global and local options:

$$: McCormick and Schmick is a great option for diners that love to customize. In addition to having several healthy options on their menu, they also allow you to customize all dishes to make them exactly as healthy as you want! Owner Tilman Fertitta, who made our Fittest Billionaires list, told us in an exclusive interview that the customer is king, and ANY dish can be customized to be ultra-healthy! Talk about great service and unlimited options…

$: True Foods menu is special because it is almost entirely health-driven, with seasonal, nutrient-rich ingredients that rotates regularly to let guests experience great-tasting ingredients at the peak of their freshness. They pride themselves on catering to nearly every food preference with a variety of gluten-free, naturally organic, vegetarian and vegan offerings.

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