Top 10 Healthy Activities for Couples


Fall is the perfect time to try new activities with your significant other. The weather has finally cooled down, and you can walk outside without bursting into a sweat. Take advantage of this weather before it gets below freezing with a foot of snow! These activities are ideal for not only getting your daily workout in but also getting closer to your partner and improving mental health. Check out our list for the top 10 healthy activities for couples!

Going on a run

Running is the easiest go-to exercise because it requires zero skill and no equipment. Going on a jog can also be a natural destresser, as well as a healthy way to let off some steam (because what couples don’t fight?). Go on a run together through a park and challenge each other to see who can run the fastest mile. You’ll encourage some friendly competition while burning 150 calories per mile!

Visit the zoo

Going to a zoo has more benefits than one may think: you’re walking around all day burning calories and helping relax your mind by looking at cute animals! You can learn all about creatures you’ve never heard of before, and get a day’s worth of exercise in. Bring your favorite activity tracker with you and count how many you walk around the zoo (don’t forget 10,000 steps is the ideal number to hit every day!).

Be a tourist

Whether you’ve lived in the same city your whole life or just moved, there’s always something new to see. Go online and look up unique places in your town you’ve never heard of before, and go take lots of pictures. Seeing new sights will refresh your minds and engaging in light cardio will make both of you feel rejuvenated.

Indoor rock climbing

Imagine you’re climbing Mount Everest with your significant other to get your heart pumping and blood flowing! Indoor rock climbing is a great way to introduce yourself to your new favorite hobby while getting in on a little friendly competition with each other.

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Home improvement projects

When’s a better time to get started on an HGTV project than in the fall? The weather is the perfect mix of crisp and toasty, where you’re not going to freeze to death or overheat outside. Check your weather forecast to make sure no unexpected storms are coming, get your toolbox out, and create a new project together! The bonding will strengthen your relationship, while finally getting one less thing out of the way.

Discover new recipes

Fall is the season of eating, so take advantage of it (but not too much)! Take pumpkin spice to a new level by incorporating it in foods besides coffee, like pumpkin spice trail mix. You’ll have the ultimate bonding time with your partner while taking turns at the stove and the cutting board. You can even take your new snack on all your activities with you now!


Play hooky from work for a day and go travel across the state with your partner; the adrenaline rush from doing a spontaneous activity will make your endorphins kick in, in fact, studies show that adrenaline can also help improve cognitive thinking for both of you. Besides, who doesn’t want a day off?

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Fall is the season of giving, so why not give some of your time to help others that are less fortunate? Volunteer together at a local food bank, whether that be serving meals or packaging foods to deliver. In fact, volunteering will also keep you mentally and physically in shape, which will improve your overall health. You will both feel a warm heart for doing good and will help bring positivity and thankfulness in your relationship.

Frisbee Golf

Frisbee golf (otherwise known as disk golf) can be a good way to get a workout in while spending time with your partner in many different ways. Playing a game that requires lots of patience will help you build patience in your own relationship while using the game to relieve stress and burn calories with an all-body exercise.

Ice Skating

There’s only one time of year where you can throw on the blades and hit the ice rink (unless you live somewhere warm year round and have indoor ice skating rinks). Hold hands while skating and focus on your legs to create the ultimate aerobic exercise. You’ll burn about 250 calories just ice skating for an hour!

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