Top 10 Healthy Gifts for Kids

Healthy gifts for the kids in your life

Health Fitness Revolution knows that kids are our future – and we all want them to have a balanced, healthy one.  Good habits start at a young age and if we encourage our children to be happy, healthy, fit, social, and educated, they will carry these values throughout their lives- so we encourage games, books and toys that promote healthy values:

A mini-trampoline to burn off some of that energy!

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Not only are they fun, but when used regularly, studies have shown that jumping on trampolines offers many physical, health and educational benefits for kids too.

  • Make children grow taller
  • Exercise and increase muscle strength
  • Promote heart and lung function
  • Promote gastrointestinal digestion and increased appetite
  • Promote the development of the child’s nervous system
  • Improve your child’s attention to learning

A brain teaser that promotes neural development

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Using combinations of colored connected beads, players complete colorful logic puzzles in two unique formats: tricky 2D puzzles and twisted 3D pyramids. To start, pick a design from the puzzle book, place some of the puzzle pieces into position as shown…then fill the empty spaces with the remaining pieces. Sounds simple? It can be…or it can be deviously difficult, depending on the level of gameplay. Hundreds of possible combinations, but only one completes the puzzle.

A fun body pillow that promotes better sleep, relaxation, and reading time

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This body pillow can help promote a healthy sleeping environment and gives kids with bedtime anxiety a friend to snuggle up with. The pillow’s neck support makes it a perfect companion for reading time. Kids will love being wrapped up while they flip through their books. The cover is removable, washable, and comes in several different animal variations!

Dancing is fun and promotes coordination!

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Now kids can get moving and express themselves with the Zumba Kids game from the brand that pioneered “exercise in disguise.” The first extension of the best selling video game franchise, Zumba Kids is custom designed for kids aged 7 12 with fun routines, energizing music, engaging mini-games and creative modes that encourage the entire family to join the party. Kids build self-confidence and have a blast as they discover new rhythms in an interactive experience that makes them (and their parents) feel good as they stay fit.

An egg cooker so kids can learn to make healthy snacks

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  • Cook up to 7 hard, medium, or soft-boiled eggs without fat or oil
  • Auto-off & built-in cooking timer, Faster than boiling water
  • Clear cover allows you to view eggs while cooking
  • Measuring cup with firmness markings makes it easy to cook to desired hardness
  • Piercing pin on the bottom of measuring cup prevents shells from cracking
  • Power button with an indicator buzzer automatically shuts off when eggs are ready
  • Removable egg tray lets you boil up to 7 eggs at a time and cool the eggs under running water after cooking
  • Separate poaching tray and egg tray for quick, for easy poached eggs and fluffy omelets.

A highly-rated healthy cookbook for kids to instill good habits

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This book has a simple concept: teach kids to cook wholesome foods and you will not only get help in the kitchen and build positive family memories but also set up youngsters for a lifetime of healthy eating. With a balance of health food and kid appeal as well as kitchen chemistry, history, and the facts about smart choices, this is more than a collection of recipes. Included in the beginning is a note to children, a note for parents, a list of essential ingredients and equipment to have on hand, and even a seasoning experiment. Each recipe lets youngsters know if an adult is needed, the hands-on time, the total time, kitchen gear necessary, and, of course, ingredients. 

A gift that will help them focus better…

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Studies show that movement can improve learning and memory, and with The Buoy by Turnstone, kids can do their homework and be moving at the same time. A seat and stool, The Buoy swivels, turns, tilts and moves up and down, without ever tipping over! Available in several colors and materials.

An indoor goal set

The Franklin Sports NHL Kids Hockey 2 Goal Set includes everything needed to get your hockey game started! Whether playing outdoors or indoors, the set is specifically designed for both Street Hockey & Knee Hockey play, including 2 adjustable plastic street hockey sticks, 2 ABS knee hockey sticks, 1 street hockey ball and 2 foam knee hockey balls. Little athletes will have a blast playing this 2 in 1 set that allows kids to get in on the indoor Knee Hockey CRAZE! Franklin and the NHL are proud to offer an item where everyone can experience the thrill and excitement of Hockey in the convenience of their own home! Each goal sets up and breaks down in seconds with Franklin’s exclusive folding joint technology.

A hiking backpack for outdoor family adventures

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It’s never too early to teach a love for the outdoors and teach kids the responsibility of contributing to the team while hiking or biking. With enough capacity for a layer, snacks and a hydration reservoir, the Moki is the perfect kid’s pack for a short hike or bike ride. Access to the main compartment is through a zippered front panel. There’s a front shove-it pocket and an external zippered pocket to keep small items secure. If your youngster is going to be out after dark, clip a light to the back attachment point for nighttime visibility. The separate hydration sleeve has quick zip access and comes with a 1.5-liter reservoir. So go ahead, and be healthy, outdoors as a family!

A book that teaches hygiene to girls

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For girls ages 8 and up, it features tips, how-tos, and facts from the experts. You’ll find answers to questions about a changing body, from hair care to healthy eating, bad breath to bras, periods to pimples, and everything in between.

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