Top 10 Healthy Things To Do In Andorra

healthy things to do in andorra
View of El Pas de la Casa from a mountain

In the mountainous borderlands between Spain and France lies Andorra, a small landlocked country with a humble but healthy population. Located in a Pyrenees valley, the country is surrounded by mountains on all sides, making it the perfect outdoor paradise for the adventurous. Over time, Andorra has absorbed the culture of its larger neighbors while maintaining its own unique vibe. Most travelers come for the skiing and shopping (no sales tax), and you should too, but there are plenty of other healthy things to do on a trip to Andorra.

  • Hike Tristaina Lake Trail: The best (and one of the healthiest) ways to experience the Alpine scenery is by foot. The Tristaina Lake Trail is just one of many hikes available in the country, but the gorgeous lake and waterfall streams make it among the best. Novice hikers will enjoy the views, while the more experienced will want to opt for the full five hour loop.
  • Sant Joan de Caselles: The crumbling ruins of this 12th century cathedral look like something King Arthur might happen upon. Burn some calories by walking among brown stones overshadowed by coniferous pine trees. You can boost your metabolism and improve cardiovascular health, all as you walk around the grounds, daydreaming about the way the world used to be back when portly monks waddled around the Cathedral’s grounds.
  • Go Skiing: It is Andorra, after all. Whether you visit the Arsenal region, Soldeu (which has an excellent ski school as well), or the lively resort town of Pas de la Casa, Andorra skiing is one of Europe’s top destinations, showcasing the grandeur and beauty of the Pyrenees mountain range. Better yet, skiing is a great source of exercise and improves reflexes.Photo:
  • Ice Skating: Go ice skating at an Olympic-sized rink at the Palau de Gel d’Andorra. Ice skating improves joints and relieves stress, so it is a nice activity that can be done all year around on your vacation.
  • Feast at the Fira de Bolt: Andorran food features high quality local and natural ingredients, incorporating techniques from neighboring Spain and France. The emphasis on traditional plates is good for your health healthy, especially when mushroom season comes around. The “Festival of the noble mushrooms” (Fira de bolt) is the perfect excuse to go to Andorra and munch on some Andorran food in between trips to the mall.

frozen lake

  • Ice Fishing: Inspired by Leo’s survivalist skills in The Revenant? If you want our own taste of snow and mountains, venture deep into the mountains for a fishing retreat. You will be greeted by many uncrowded lakes high in the Andorran mountains where you can cast your line free of the crowds. Commune with nature and burn plenty of calories walking around to set up. There are even free mountain huts to stay at if you are unhappy with your haul and want to try again bright and early the next day. Just don’t expect room service.
  • Cross Country Skiing at Naturlandia: If you don’t want to barrel down the slopes of a mountain, you can still get a killer workout by cross country skiing at Naturlandia. The outdoor adventure park has a wide range of entertainment options, but none beats the cardio workout of traversing a cross-country ski trail.
  • Rejuvenate At Caldea Hot Springs: The thermal spa in the middle of Caldea is more of a social hour than a zen meditation session, but that has health benefits in and of itself. You can meet strangers from all over Europe and chat about your time on the slopes, all while unwinding and relaxing your muscles in the warm fragrant water of a thermal spa. The resort has saunas, Roman spas, Turkish baths, and massage service.
  • Munch on a Summer Salad: Wile away your day at an Andorran cafe by eating a salad made with the freshest summer vegetables in Andorra. Chicory, mint, lemon mint, hyssop, wild thyme, origanum, snails, and more are thrown together in a fresh salad and served under the sun.
  • Walk in Snowshoes: If you are unacquainted with the goofy transportation device that is the snowshoe, take a chance to laugh at yourself and loved ones while burning a bunch of calories. There are hundreds of hiking trails that a rented pair of snowshoes can take you down, all of which are great ways to burn lots of calories. They can be rented at most hotels.



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