Top 10 Items Every Marathon Runner Needs


Are you running your first marathon, but not sure what you will need? Well, no worries! Health Fitness Revolution is here to make sure you have at least the TOP 10 items necessary for a marathon. We know every runner has their own style, but we decided to go a step further and attach some of our favorite gear and items just for you. Take a look at the list, and click the links so you can have everything you need for your upcoming marathon.

If you are not sure what to expect for a marathon, then take a look at the big challenge ReSYNC Your Life author Samir Becic has set for himself. Becic has run 8 marathons in 8 weeks while wearing compressed weights equivalent to a 73.5 lbs weighted vest. He is bringing awareness to the obesity epidemic and wants to show that no matter your situation being physically active is attainable. His high spirits despite the obstacles will give you motivation and courage to complete your own marathon!

Here are some of the TOP 10 items every marathoner must have. Also, with just one click you can purchase each item that is pictured.

  • Proper Gear Having proper gear will make a huge difference in performance and being comfortably throughout the marathon.
  • Comfortable running Shoes- The wrong running shoes can make a runner feel miserable during a marathon. Having proper running shoes for a marathon is essential to every runner and will make it easier and more comfortable for your journey through those long distances.

  • Running socks- A good pair of socks can help prevent friction and blisters from forming during a marathon. Compression socks are more beneficial because it can reduce swelling and muscle soreness.

  • Compression Clothing- When it comes to running a marathon, we recommend wearing compression clothing with synthetic fabric that absorbs sweat to reduce discomfort and make it easier to run in. Other non-compression clothing will lead you to a long and sweat-drenched journey to the finish line.

  • Sunscreen- Most marathons begin early in the morning just before the sun begins to rise. It is important to regularly apply sunscreen to avoid any skin damage and sunburns as you are running long distances outside. You can purchase sunscreen at a local market near you. If you’re not sure which sunscreens are good to purchase, check out our article on different sunscreens here.
  • Hydration Fuel belt- There is no question of how important it is for runners to stay hydrated throughout a marathon. A hydration belt can be very beneficial for runners to carry small bottles of water and even snacks throughout the race. We recommend this hydration belt which comes with ventilated foam pads to make it more comfortable and lighter to wear, easily adjustable Velcro straps, and an extra pocket to hold other essentials.

  • Energy Gels- It is common for runners to get a little fatigue throughout the race. Having small energy gels stored in your hydration belt will come in handy for runners to gain energy throughout the marathon.

  • Blister/Chafing Cream- Investing in both blister and chafing cream will benefit runners during and after running a marathon. Blisters and chafing are formed by friction. Keeping creams to soothe the pain throughout or after the race will help ease any discomfort from blistering and chafing. Body Glide is an example of a cream used for blistering and chafing.

  • Antiseptic Ointment- Antiseptic creams can have a variety of uses for runners. Neosporin is a prime example and highly recommended ointment utilized to help heal any injuries and scars, prevent scarring, and also heal and regenerate the skin.

  • Mini First Aid Kit- Every runner should take precaution in case anything may happen such as an injury or accident occurring while running. Having a small first aid kit with healing ointments, band-aids, and other necessities can come in handy in case this happens. Here is an example of one.

  • Athletic tape- Many athletes use athletic tape in different forms of physical activity. It helps stabilize the position of the bones and muscles, reduces pain and also aides in recovery. Athletic tape can help reduce muscle fatigue and improve the regulation and circulation of blood flow as well.

  • Reusable ice pack- Using ice packs as cold therapy can help runners recover after a long marathon. Ice packs help with minimizing inflammation or injuries and can help treat muscle soreness after running.

  • Foam Roller- Once the marathon is over runners need to recuperate and properly recover after a marathon. Foam rollers can help with warming up and recovering your body after a long hard run. It is similar to getting a deep tissue massage and can help loosen and stretch the sore muscles of your body and also helps increase blood flow and circulation in the body.


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