Top 10 Reasons To Take Your Workout Outside

workout outside

Running on the treadmill can make you feel like a hamster: moving your legs but getting nowhere, staring at the same wall or window that never gets any closer. So break out of the cage and explore the world at large. Exercising outdoors is a fun, cheap, and creative way to take your health to the next level. Working out should feel like an adventure, not a routine. Plus, it has some pretty cool health benefits. Check out the top 10 reasons to workout outside.

Change of scenery

Tired of that same old, boring gym spot? Exercising outdoors will give you a new positive perspective. Instead of waiting for the next machine to be open, you’ll get to breathe the fresh air, smell the grass, and create your own workout. Research shows how much nature has a positive effect on a person, especially if you’re near water. I guess the grass really IS greener on the “other side!”

Vitamin DYoung woman sits in yoga pose with city on background. Freedom concept. Calmness and relax, woman happiness. Toned image

We hear it over and over again, get outside to take in the Vitamin D! Well there’s a reason this is such a popular notion. Sunlight naturally increases our Vitamin D supply. Vitamin D  benefits the body by protecting it against cancer and heart disease, reducing depression and type 2 diabetes. Thanks sun, what would we do without you?

Sweat it out

It’s summer people, and that calls for excess “glowing”. Especially if we are outside getting in a hardcore workout. According to research, sweating it up offers a variety of health benefits for the “fit” joe, from declogging toxic substances to fighting illness. To best avoid the harmful heat, try to stick to morning or evening workouts.

More space

The gym scene can get a little cramped, especially right after everyone gets off work. Don’t settle for a jam-packed yoga studio when you’re trying to destress after a long day. After all, how are you supposed to commune with nature when you are stuck in a windowless room with 30 other people? Moving the workout outdoors can give you plenty of green space to do whatever you like. Go check out a local park or even your own backyard could work. Wherever it may be, the possibilities are endless. Feeling inspired yet?

Mood booster


Just simply relaxing outdoors has an abundance of health benefits, so now just add some exercise and imagine the rewards. It’s a win win! A study on the green environment showed how physical activity outdoors can reduce stress, improve self esteem, and help boost mental power. Another Scottish Health Survey found that those who took physical activity outside instead of in a gym positively experienced a 50% greater effect on their mental health.

Social interaction

If you’re the type of person who needs that extra push to workout, exercising with someone outside might be the motivation you need! Exercising with others is a fun way to meet new faces, challenge yourself, and learn something new. So whether you’re throwing a frisbee, playing soccer, or participating in group exercises, your social health will also flourish.

Saves money

Those gym memberships can get pricey but working out in nature doesn’t cost a dime! All you need is a good pair of tennis shoes and you’ve got yourself a free workout. Saving this money can potentially motivate you to invest in other things that can contribute to living healthy. Fitness trackers, jump ropes, and weights are just some of the many fitness accessories you could use to amp up an outside workout.

Boosts creativity


If you are a regular at the gym, you probably know exactly what machines and exercises you like to do when you arrive. But moving a workout outside challenges an individual to try something different. This calls for new and creative thinking. You can be the designer of a workout that hasn’t been available to you before. Those stairs in the park? Use them. The benches? Do tricep dips. All you need is a inventive eye and an open mind and you’ve got yourself an original workout routine.

Fights depression

Exercise is exercise, workouts don’t always have to be filled with intense movements. Sometimes, just a hike or bike ride can do wonders for our mental health. A study from Stanford showed that walking in nature could actually lower risks for depression and can improve mood and brain function. Bottom line: move outside to beat sadness.  

More energy

Exposure to the outside world can increase our energy much more than an indoor facility can. A study published in Huffington post described how great nature is for vitality. The outdoors keep people feeling rejuvenated and enthusiastic, one of nature’s many gifts. Feelin’ sluggish? Nature and exercise can help with that.

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