Top 10 Snacks for Roadtrips


Spring is here, and roadtrip season is about to start booming. Since you’ve taken on a healthy diet or fitness routine, then you may be a little worried about falling into old habits when you hit the road. Here are some tips to keep you happy, healthy, and moving regardless of where you’re headed!

Here are Samir Becic’s and Health Fitness Revolution‘s Top 10 Snacks for Roadtrips:

  • Grape tomatoes: Miniature tomatoes, when ripe, make a delicious snack. This is a no-mess, grab-and-go treat, and one you can reach your hand in the bag for over and over.
  • Summer berries: Throw together blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, or any mix of berries in a plastic container- chock full of antioxidants and nutrients, this is a healthy snack for everyone.
  • Plain popcorn: Whether you buy a bag of naked popcorn or air-pop your own kernels at home, plain, unbuttered popcorn is an easy grab snack that’s a lot lighter with less calories than chips!
  • Top some greek yogurt with some crushed cereal or granola. This will give you a solid dose of calcium, and although a little more challenging to eat in the car, you can make it work by placing the yogurt in your cup holder.
  • Cheese and crackers: Decorate some whole wheat crackers with your favorite low-fat cheese, and portion them out in plastic bags for easy access. You can use string cheese and snack on it by itself too!
  • Mini pita snackwiches. Hummus is full of protein and can help keep your hunger at bay until you reach your destination. Put some into mini pitas pockets with shredded carrots or sliced cucumbers for crunch. These mini hummus sandwiches make the perfect portable snack that the kids will love too!
  • Homemade trail mix: It’s easy to make your own trail mix — not to mention healthier than the store-bought stuff — and it’ll help keep you full and energized on the road. Make sure to buy unsalted peanuts and dried fruit without added sugar.
  • Celery sticks: Celery does double duty by filling you up while helping you stay hydrated during the long hours in the car. Add some almond butter on there for an added boost of protein.
  • Kale Chips: a crunchy, healthy alternative to regular chips.  You can make your own in the over or buy some from a health food store.
  • Nuts: Raw, unsalted nuts are full of fiber and protein- only one handful of nuts though because they are high in calories!


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