Top 10 Tips for the Houston Marathon


The Chevron Houston Marathon is less than a month away! Thousands of runners will line up at the starting line on January 14th, 2018 filled with apprehension, nerves, and excitement. Most will have trained for months in order to run the impressive 26.2 miles they will complete. Every year, over 250,000 spectators cheer on the Houston Marathon runners, motivating them to accomplish their goals.

Top 10 Marathon tips from HFR led by fitness expert and HaperCollins author of the book ReSYNC Your Life Samir Becic

  • Mimic the Course: Try training on similar terrain as the race. The Houston marathon doesn’t have much topography (other than a couple short hills!) and is run on the roads, so training on concrete is a good idea.
  • Drink while you run: Start learning to drink as your run during training, as you will need to stay hydrated during the marathon. The Houston Marathon will have water and Gatorade Endurance Formula (Lemon-Lime), the official on-course sports drink of the Chevron Houston Marathon, will be available every 1.5 miles beginning at mile 2. Train a few times drinking the formula provided to make sure your body is used to it, and you enjoy how it works. If you don’t, pack your own energy drinks and gels for the day of the race!
  • Don’t wear brand new shoes the day of the race: Wear shoes you’ve run at least 10 consecutive miles in so that you break them in and know whether they will cause blisters or discomfort. It’s also a good idea to train in the style of sock you will be wearing on race day- the last thing you want is to be worried about your socks riding down your shoes while running.
  • Wear smart fabrics: Do your research and pick fabrics and clothes that are appropriate for running several hours. Try out several different race day outfit beforehand during your long runs, so you can pick the outfit that is the most comfortable!
  • Stick to a program: There are many marathon training programs out there and even local running groups if you need some motivation and inspiration. Stick to the program as closely as possible, especially when it comes to the timeline of increasing mileage. You don’t want to end up injured before the race.
  • Run during race time: Start training as close to the race time as possible so that your body gets used to it and it will feel normal come race day.
  • Rest up: The week before the race, reduce the stressors in your life- both personal and professional. Also, stay off your feet and rest your body as much as possible, your body will need to be recovered to accomplish the amazing race you’re about to run.
  • Carb-load: For a few days before the race, eat carbohydrate-heavy foods such as potatoes, pasta, rice, and fruit. The carbohydrates are what will keep your energy levels up on race day.
  • Visualize success: There is a big mental aspect to pushing yourself to run 26.2 miles. Visualize yourself running that race, how it feels, the positivity, and most importantly- you crossing the finish line victorious and happy! Have fun with it, and enjoy the journey!
  • Start Slow: Your adrenaline will be high as you start your race, but it’s important you pace yourself and slow down. Run the first two to three miles 10-15 seconds per mile slower than your goal pace. This preserves your glycogen stores for later in the race when you will need them so that you can finish strong.

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