Be Happy: Top 10 Toxic Things To Remove From Your Life

toxic things

You are what you eat. Everyone knows the wisdom behind the old adage: put good things into your body and your health with flourish. Fill up with junk and your body will break down. The same logic that applies to your nutrition also applies to your mental health. If you have toxic influences and bad habits, you are not going to be happy. We made a list of toxic things that are dragging down your happiness.

Harmful friendships

Humans mimic the actions of each other and pick up each other’s habits. That’s why old married couples start to look and talk like one another, and long-time friends have so many of the same habits. The people we spend our time with significantly impact our everyday behaviors and ideas, whether we know it or not. So, it’s better to surround yourself with positive people! Friends that continually bring you down, stunt your growth and leave you feeling exhausted are not worth the hassle. It can become draining and taxing on your spirit when you’re surrounded by negative energy all the time. Do yourself the pleasure of releasing what doesn’t serve you anymore, and find good friends who will only bring you up. This way, your mental and social health will flourish.

Unsatisfying career

Do you feel stuck in a job you absolutely hate? Maybe you wake up in the morning wishing you could call in sick because you can’t take it anymore. This is no way to live, especially when work is such a big part of our lives. We only get one life, we might as well be happy in the work we choose to do for a living. Make the decision to find a career you’re excited about, one that you actually enjoy, and take a look at your strengths and abilities. You’ll be so much more satisfied in life and your stress will significantly decrease. It will be exhilarating to go after your passion, and you’ll find that it’s worth the switch for your overall health.

Fast food

I’m not saying that ALL fast food is “toxic”, but most of it can be. Many people turn to it as a quick indulgence to make themselves feel good if they are having stressful food. But this isn’t a good way to cope with negative emotions. Fast food is filled with processed junk, loaded with calories, fat, and sugar. After ingesting these types of ingredients, our body reacts in a negative way. We get tired, overweight, and overall unhealthy. In turn, by switching our eating habits to healthy clean foods we ultimately feel and look so much better. Our bodies function better from the proper nutrients it was meant for. Remove bad eating habits from your life and you’ll be surprised how much it positively impacts your life. And besides, the cost of eating healthy might be less than you think!

trans fats


Is your room or house a mess and you have trouble finding anything? It’s time for a cleaning party, my friends. Start with your closet or even the dirty desk. Once you start to de-clutter your house, your mind will also clear up. It will be less stressful finding what is it that you’ve been looking for, and cleanliness will help you focus and be happier. Throw in some essential oils and you’ve just made your house a zen palace to relax and de-stress from a long day’s work.


It is so easy to complain that we often don’t catch ourselves doing. Soon, complaining becomes a habit. But, frequent complaining only does a person (and those around them) harm. It becomes a toxic energy you carry around and can make any good day sour. Instead, focus on what you’re grateful for, what is going well in your life. Starting this habit will get you in the right mindset and can instantly boost your happiness. Those around you will feed off this positive energy and want to be around you more. Be someone who lifts the atmosphere up instead of bringing it down. Next time you find yourself on the verge of complaining, think of a more positive topic to bring up. Trust us, those around you will benefit from a positive attitude.


Feelings of jealousy are a normal part of human existence. That person who got the job over you, even though you were more qualified, or your best friends job who allows them to travel the world, could make any good person feel salty. Tell yourself no matter what comes along the way, you can decide to feel happy or upset. You can be in control of your emotions! A person who is secure in themselves can ultimately change their mind to benefit them. Learn to be happy for those that have good things happening to them, because honestly, there’s always something in store for you too. Be excited about your opportunities in your own life and embrace the fact that everyone is on their own path.


Nothing is more harmful to our mental health than not liking yourself. If you hate who you are, how can you expect to live a happy and healthy life? Everyone is unique in their own way, it’s time to treat yourself as a top priority. No more learned helplessness, no more I can’t, no more self-defeating thoughts. Check your mindset and train yourself to believe you can achieve all that you put your mind to. Get professional help if you need it, and don’t be ashamed because we all need help in different ways. See yourself as worthy of being alive like every other person. No one can live your life for you, it’s up to you to make it amazing.


Do you find yourself constantly stuck in the past, wishing that you “could or should have” done something, but now it’s too late? Stop right there, this kind of thinking is detrimental to your health. The past is no longer something we can control, but somehow we tirelessly focus all our energy on it. Instead, shift your mindset to think of them now. What can you do today that can help you grow, learn, and increase your happiness for you and the future? It’s time to be kind to yourself and stop beating yourself up for something you can’t change any more. Focusing on what you can do will only help you become the best version of you right now.

Overworking yourself

Sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the busy schedules we constantly have to abide by. In the process, we find ourselves stressed and with more than we can handle. This can create a detrimental cycle of running around exhausted without rest. Overloading on work and other areas in our life is just a setup for disaster. Instead, find time to indulge in things on the side that helps calm your mind and heart rate. Treat yourself to a quiet brunch, a deep tissue massage, or even a long walk in nature. This can help you release all the built-up stress you’ve been carrying around for so long. Your health will thank you!


Change is sometimes a good thing, especially if you’ve gotten too comfortable and stopped growing. We can naturally get complacent in life, with our jobs, activities, and attitudes. This can wreak havoc on our health in so many ways! Our routines stop becoming challenging, and we accept the fact that things are always going to be this way. We can easily become stressed, overweight, and depressed. Well, if you find yourself complacent, it’s time for a change. Switching up things, like going to a new exercise class or cooking lessons, will give our brains and body the boost it needs for growth. Don’t settle for a mediocre life, this is the only one you’ve got. Keep life interesting and fulfilling by engaging in activities that will foster growth and adventure in your life.


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