Top 100 Fittest Politicians in America 2021


Regardless of party affiliation, it is important that our elected officials demonstrate a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness. Healthy Body, Healthy Mind!

Every year, Health Fitness Revolution recognizes politicians who choose to demonstrate healthy lifestyles for themselves, in addition to promoting physical activity within their communities. We recently published our new lists of the Top 10 Fittest Governors 2020Top 20 Fittest Senators 2020, Top 40 Fittest United States Representatives 2020, and Top 20 Fittest Mayors in America 2020 as part of this effort to promote health and fitness in the U.S.

We are at the forefront of fitness in politics, and our previous lists of the fittest politicians have generated buzz in some of the nation’s leading media outlets. From the New York Times, to the LA Times, to the Houston Chronicle, Refinery29, Washington Post, and so on… Politico dubbed our list of the Top 10 Fittest Senators 2016 their “List du Jour”, they recently also mentioned our Top 20 Fittest Mayors in America 2020 list.

HFR founder and author of ReSYNC Your LifeSamir Becic intends to use this list to motivate other politicians to be more active, fit, and even more importantly- promote a healthy lifestyle to their constituents. “Especially now that our nation is greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is immensely important to promote a healthy lifestyle for both our physical and mental health. Let’s strengthen our immune systems as much as we can! This is obviously in addition to wearing a mask, social distancing, hand washing, and vaccinating when possible.” says Becic.

Here’s what matters to us in order of importance: promotion of fitness (actions, interviews, and social media)- this is the most important factor because sharing is caring, personal fitness level, nutritional habits, and age. “There were many extremely fit politicians who didn’t make this list because even though they are personally very fit, their lack of promotion of healthy living made them ineligible” says Becic.

Here are the Top 100 Fittest Americans Politicians of 2020:

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