Top 5 Health Benefits of Apitherapy


Apitherapy is a type of treatment that involves bees and the use of products derived by them. It is used to treat diseases such as arthritis as well as certain wounds, pain from chronic illnesses, and even injuries. It’s also renowned for boosting skin health since it reduces inflammation and wrinkles, as well as providing antibacterial effects. 

Most bee-derived products contain royal jelly and beeswax. Royal jelly is used by the bee queen, who sustains herself on this enzyme-enriched food. The hive then creates beeswax to build their home and store both honey and pollen. Here are some health benefits of bee products a.k.a apitherapy:

Boosts oral health

Propolis is a combination of beeswax, tree resins, honey, and enzymes made by bees to protect the hive from external threats, like bacteria or viruses. Propolis may have a number of health benefits, including reducing gingivitis and plaque when it’s added to a mouth rinse. It may even help heal and prevent mouth sores as well. Oral health is vital because our mouths are the entry point to the digestive and respiratory tracts, therefore this is a barrier to naturally protect against oral diseases.

Helps alleviate wounds & allergies

Honey has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving properties that are effective at treating wounds and by lowering the risk of infection. It is classified into raw, regular, and pure, with raw being the best one due to its antioxidant properties. Its properties can also help soothe a sore throat caused by allergies. Consuming raw local honey that contains trace amounts of regional pollen introduces this allergen to the body, and helps your system slowly build an immunity to it. 

May boost immune health

It is believed that bee venom increases the production of T cells, which slows allergen responses and reduces inflammation. Bee-venom therapy might help reduce symptoms of autoimmune conditions, such as lupus, encephalomyelitis, and rheumatoid arthritis by lowering inflammation and augmenting the body’s immune response.

Relieves arthritis

The most well-known reason for apitherapy is its use to ease any pain that may be caused by arthritis. In this case, it is specifically bee venom therapy. This treatment is administered to the skin through a stainless steel micro-mesh and consists of an average of 40 stings in a session. It then acts as an anti-inflammatory by reducing swelling, pain, and stiffness. Apitherapy is part of the traditional medicine that has been used since ancient Greece. 

Serves as a multivitamin

Propolis carries several vitamins and nutrients which are known to improve one’s overall health. There are over 300 different compounds, the majority of which are polyphenols, essential antioxidants known to help fight disease. Although scientists are still working on finding out more about this subject, according to research, it is believed that propolis has antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties which may help in wound healing. It is often used to cure cold sores and even treat some forms of cancer.

Possible side effects

Ironically even though apitherapy can be beneficial for some, everyone can react differently and it may be dangerous for some individuals. In particular, people who are known to have severe allergies to bees should not attempt any apitherapy.

Some of the other possible side effects of apitherapy include headache, cough, pain, and muscular weakness. Always consult with a doctor before beginning a new treatment regimen.

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