Top 5 Health Benefits of Quidditch


Originally created by the Harry Potter Saga, Quidditch is now a sport that muggles (regular people, like you and me) can play too. The sport consists of two teams of seven players each, who play in a hockey rink-sized pitch. Needless to say, the sport has been rearranged so that you can play it on the ground (we aren’t Harry so we can’t fly, duh) and it’s described as a mix of rugby, handball, basketball, and dodgeball. There are over 170 official quidditch teams competing across the US, UK, and Australia, and Quiddich has a list of health benefits. Here’s the top 5 from Health Fitness Revolution.


Quidditch has been growing in popularity because teams include both men and women. Coaches have said they love how the sport makes equality the center of attention, and how it can also help trans people find a suitable team. Everyone can find a comfortable place to be themselves and improves mental health.

Improves your cognitive skills

One of the most important aspects of Quidditch is strategy. You have to keep in mind formation, timing, and the other team’s strategy to end up being the winner. The game keeps your brain constantly working on several things, which improves your cognitive skills.

Improves your cardiovascular health

Quidditch is a mix of different sports (we mentioned them above) and it shares some of their benefits too. In order to keep the game going, players have to run and dodge to avoid their opponents. Running is an aerobic exercise that not only helps reduce stress and improve your strength, but it is also good for your heart health. 

Helps with weight loss

Supposedly the sport can help you burn around 700 calories per hour, but it all depends on the type of effort you put in. Throwing balls, running, and blocking opponents can help you slim down and tone your body.

Makes you more creative

After all, it is a sport in which you act like you’re flying. Quidditch is based on the wizarding world so, of course, it keeps your imagination and sense of humor active so time will definitely fly by!

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