The Top Ten Healthiest Parks In NYC


New York might be an urban jungle, but there are plenty of green spaces to experience a bit of nature. We’ve assembled a list of the top 10 healthiest parks in New York City to give ideas for great places to exercise next time you are in the Big Apple.


  • Central park
    • The traditional A-List celebrity of all New York City Parks, Central Park is home to immaculate gardens, a boathouse (and lake), amazing lawns, a zoo, and Belvedere Castle just to name a select few of the innumerable amenities CP has to offer.
    • Fact: you can snowshoe, fly a kite, bike, and enjoy America’s favorite pastime (baseball)  all in Central Park.


  • The High Line
    • A transformed freight rail line, this public park give you a view like no other of Manhattan’s West Side.
    • Things to do in this urban haven: stargaze, meditate, take a tour of this amazing site and learn about what took this place from freight trains to flowers, or just stroll and appreciate the artistry of this urban park.  


  • Fort Tryon Park
    • Home to the city’s longest dog run, fantastic views of the Hudson, and 8 miles of pathways for runners and walkers. It also happens to be the location of the famous Cloisters- a branch of the Met that deals with medieval artwork.
    • Pristine lawns, the  city’s largest unrestricted access garden, what more could you want?


  • Fort Washington Park
    • Home to ruins from the New York Central Railroad: the first to cross into manhattan
    • Originally to the largest collection of tulip trees on Manhattan Island (few of which remain to this day) and to  remnants of a Revolutionary  War fort.
    • This park is the site of the one and only lighthouse in Manhattan.  
    • Besides all the historical facts and lore, this park also has amazing views of the river and great community facilities.


  • Riverside Park
    • From water sports to running to baseball to playgrounds, you name it; they’ll have it. This fantastic 330+ acre green-space stretches along the banks of the Hudson River on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
    • Around 60 years ago the park was expanded to extend to the waterfront, during which time Robert Moses developed the numerous  recreation areas that we see today.


  • Washington Square Park
    • Ideal for lounging, this grassy enclave is right next to the famous NYU.
    • This place is many things to many people: a cemetery, a chess battleground, and yes a parade ground and common gathering spot.
    • It is filled with flowers, playgrounds (for pets and kids), and of course the famous fountain and arch.


  • Madison Square Park
    • Within spitting distance of one of the Flatiron building and less than 10 blocks from THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING  this park is the definition of prime real estate in the big apple. It also functions as an outdoor gallery: home to many installations and live music.
    • Dog run, playground, large grass lawn: 3 things that make us swoon for Madison Square Park.


  • East River Park
    • Just under the Williamsburg Bridge, the East River Park runs north to south along the island and is the lower east side’s largest open space
    • Home to tennis courts, turf soccer field, basketball court, barbecue pits, baseball fields, greenways, biking and running paths, and many more amenities.
    • It also allows you to bring your furry friend- time with whom reduces your anxiety levels. Plus, we could all use more cute dogs in our life. 


  • Hudson River Park
    • At four miles, it is the, “largest open space project to undergo construction in Manhattan since Central Park”.
    • Fact: Hudson River Park has an Estuarine Sanctuary. Cool, right?
    • Amenities of hudson river park include but are not limited to: dog parks, mini golf, outdoor sports, trapeze, water fountains, kayaking, AND a carousel. It also happens to be a fantastic location for bikers and runners: with it’s amazing views of the river and neighboring banks.  


  • Bryant Park     
    • Several huge flower beds border the park, setting the mood for this urban oasis. Does it make you think of France? Well it should. Many of the elements of this sublime natural refuge in the urban jungle is inspired by Europe- including the carousel.
    • Bryant Park is home to The Lawn: a common refuge of office dwellers during their lunch break- it’s 64,500 square feet. What’s more, you may ask. The promenades are lined with trees found in Paris’ Tuileries- adding to the European and Luxurious feel.

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