John Gray Weight Loss with Samir Becic


Samir Becic, creator of the ReSync Method is thrilled to be collaborating with Lakewood Pastor, author, and comedian John Gray in his journey to become healthier, and fitter, so he can inspire and motivate people around the world to follow in his courageous steps.

John Gray is very determined and in order to make this experience a family event, he is involving his wife Aventer who is his strongest supporter.  This aligns with Samir’s philosophy that in order to become healthier, it is much more productive to have the entire family included in the process.

John Gray is tired of being physically unhealthy, and that is his strongest motivation.  Over the next few months, the goal at Lakewood is, through his transformation, to motivate thousands within the church, and millions worldwide.  He will act as a great ambassador for how healthy lifestyle can transform your life, health, and make you spiritually stronger.

This collaboration came to fruition through the Men’s ministry leader, John Bowman, who was pivotal in introducing John Gray to Samir Becic and had the vision that this would be a great success.  John Bowman and Samir started the annual Lakewood Health and Fitness Challenge at Lakewood Church in 2012.

Samir is currently leading a Healthy U Class at Lakewood Church under the spiritual mentorship of Pastor Steve Austin, also a health enthusiast.  The Healthy U class is held every Sunday at 10 a.m. in room 3001A where Samir and his team Rudy, Kimberly, and Derek welcome you to join and transform your lives.

Pastor Joel Osteen is a very fit person who encourages his congregation to live a healthier lifestyle – he believes that by being a healthier version of yourself, you can become all that God has created you to be.

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