US Presidents Have Always Made Fitness a Priority


The office of the president of the United States places a large priority on sorting out global affairs, but whenever each of the past several presidents moved into the White House, there was one request that each of them specifically made: fitness requirements. Whether it was a treadmill, stationary bike, basketball court, a rowing machine or time set aside for a morning jog, the current and former presidents have always made fitness and physical health a priority while serving in office.

Ted Vickey, former fitness trainer for the White House Athletic Center, served under the presidencies of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush and recalls how each set aside time every week for some sort of exercise, no matter what was on the daily agenda.

“Both Clinton and Bush were big outdoor runners but Clinton would also like to run outside the gates, talking to people,” Vickey recalled. “Bush was a more private exerciser; the elder Bush enjoyed speed golf.”

Vickey recalls how Bush asked for a treadmill to be placed on Air Force One so that he could get a workout in while on a trip to Columbia.

Though Vickey has since retired from his White House post, he sees a continuation of the trend in fitness with the current president, indicating that these leaders are positive role models in terms of getting Americans to stay fit.

“I know President Barack Obama is big on basketball,” he said. “He’s obviously a golfer and I know he brought his personal trainer with him from Chicago. If the president of the United States can find an hour in the day to work out, what’s our excuse?”

Information gathered from Yahoo News.

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