Vaping Community is Fighting Back


After sharing our previously published article “10 Harmful Effects of Vaping and E-Cigarettes” on Twitter, the vaping community is in an uproar. We’ve received hundreds of counter-arguments on Twitter as to why vaping is a healthier option than smoking cigarettes. As the fastest-growing health and fitness magazine, we are trying to understand both sides of the story and create a dialogue between opposing views.

The vaping community around the world is uprising in defense of what they deem their legal right and supporting their passion by stating they understand and are clear that vaping is not healthy per se, but argue that vaping is a much healthier option than smoking traditional cigarettes.

Once we noticed the interactions on Twitter, we acknowledged that there is another side to this story. Our original intention was not to create unwanted negative reactions or controversial statements; which is why, after reading all the pro-vaping arguments, we are thinking about writing an article based on new evidence that has been provided. Let’s start a nationwide/worldwide discussion about this subject!

Many of the vaping activists are of the belief that the cigarette industry is trying to ban vaping to selfishly preserve their profits and actively fund the research that paints vaping in a bad light. There is also a strong argument that vaping is an effective way for people to quit smoking cigarettes. In order to get both sides’ perspectives, we will ask 10 prominent vape activists and vape research facilities around the world to write a small paragraph about the pros of vaping.

The reason why we are involving the global vaping community is because this particular topic is not necessarily our field of expertise. To better understand the thought diversity around this topic, we have compiled a shortlist of the pro-vaping arguments we received from the vaping community, which include:

  • E-cigarettes help adults quit smoking and lowers youth smoking rates
  • Vaping is a safer way to ingest tobacco
  • E- cigarettes produce far fewer carcinogens than traditional cigarettes
  • Vaping can help with ADHD
  • Vaping causes little or no health issues
  • The second-hand effects are far less harmful than traditional cigarettes
  • They are more socially acceptable and do not smell

We would also like to research and look into which vaping brands are the safest, based on their ingredients.

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