Victoria Osteen’s New Book “Exceptional You”

Source: Facebook- Victoria Osteen

#ExceptionalYouBook is now available! You’re unique, and it’s time to step out of the crowd and into God’s destiny. In this new book, you will get you the tools and encouragement to fully embrace the exceptional life you were made for. Order your copy today at

MEET VICTORIA and JOEL OSTEEN as Victoria signs copies of her new book, Exceptional You!, in the following


Become the exceptional person God has called you to be with these seven practices for living a fulfilled and plentiful life from bestselling author Victoria Osteen.

How are you living your life? Did you get up this morning expecting to do something important, or did you wake up weary, worried, and frustrated? In her latest book, Exceptional You!, Victoria Osteen declares that God doesn’t want you to drag through the day and avoid life’s challenges. If you arm yourself with the knowledge that God is on your side, He will give you the ideas, the words, and the energy you need to make each day exceptional.
Through personal stories and biblical teachings, Victoria will show you how to adopt a new way of thinking about yourself and your life that will strengthen your faith, increase your confidence, and bring out the extraordinary person you truly are through seven practices:
  • Know You Are Chosen
  • Lift Up Your Eyes
  • Keep Your Memory Box Full
  • Travel Light
  • Love Well
  • Live in the Now
  • Power Up
Don’t wait another minute to discover the exceptional you!

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