Could Vitamin D Control Asthma Attacks?


The health benefits of vitamin D are numerous, most notably in promoting bone health, but those who suffer from frequent asthma attacks might also benefit from an adequate intake of the nutrient most commonly known as “the sunshine vitamin.”

A recent study conducted by researchers in Israel found that there is a significant link between low levels of vitamin D and the severity of asthma attacks in those already diagnosed with the condition. The results suggest that higher intake of the vitamin could actually reduce instances of a recurring attack.

Of the more than 21,000 participants in the study, 15 percent of those who had at least one asthma attack had vitamin D levels of 0-10 nanograms per milliliter. Another 12 percent had vitamin D levels between 10 and 20, and an even lower 9 percent had above 36, which is considered adequate.

These results suggest that those who are undergoing treatment for asthma and still have frequent attacks should consider a check on  levels. If they appear low, supplements or a diet including vitamin D-rich foods could be a natural remedy to stave off severe attacks.

Such foods include fish, mushrooms, cod liver oil, tofu and fortified cereals.


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