Ways to Get Active with your Kids


Childhood Obesity is becoming an increasingly big problem worldwide, and it’s an issue that’s a big part of Health Fitness Revolution‘s agenda. Getting your children to be active is so important, not only for their health, their excess energy, but also to teach them life lessons.  Regular exercise not only instill good habits, but also helps children to avoid illnesses like heart disease, stroke and certain cancers, improves mood, reduces stress and can even help children to do well at school.  Here are HFR’s recommendations to get your kids moving:

  • Active Transport: Teach your kids to walk or cycle when possible and take the stairs instead of using the escalator- remember, you are the best example for your child, so if they get in the habit of doing daily activities in an active way with you, it will become part of their daily active lifestyle.
  • Show Interest: Be a part of activities that your children enjoy and show your support!
  • Organized Sports: There are so many sports to choose from including dance, running, soccer, basketball, softball, gymnastics, etc.  Being a part of a team will teach your child many important life lessons, including discipline, honor, and being a good teammate.
  • Take Control of the TV: American children spend 7 hours a day in front of an electronic screen.  Limit their time and make sure they are being active instead!
  • Get Active Yourself: Be a good example! Your children will imitate your lifestyle choices- so make them positive.
  • Get Active as a Family:  Bond as a family!
    • Go for walks or play active games together
    • Do a family fun run and train for it together
    • Play a game of ball together
    • Join an exercise class together
    • Play physical games with family and friends (tag, frisbee, catch, hide and seek)
    • Plan a nightly jog or walk with the family dog
    • Go golfing as a family
    • Play a game of one-on-one basketball or soccer with family
  • Play with your kids:  Play with them and make sure they are active 60 minutes a day!



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