Why Public Figures Should Be Fit


Public figures are examples to us, our children, our society, and our future.  This is precisely why they should be a good example and demonstrate a positive image of healthy lifestyle.  At Health Fitness Revolution, it is our task to challenge individuals in the public eye to push themselves to be a better example to us all, to use their notoriety, celebrity, and visibility to promote health, happiness, and fulfillment!  It’s time for the media to see a positive twist in the people we call heroes, role models, and elected officials…

Here are 10 reasons why public figures should be active, healthy, and fit:

  • A healthy body leads to a healthy mind.  
  • To set a good example to followers, fans, and constituents.
  • To gain confidence and self esteem.
  • To feel stronger and more alert.
  • To become inspired– some of the best ideas come from being active.
  • To influence people to live healthier lifestyles because they feel the benefits of it themselves.
  • To reduce the stress of being in the public light.  Nothing better than a good workout to reduce cortisol levels in the body!
  • To reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, and many chronic ailments.
  • To increase energy levels from grueling schedules.  Healthy nutrition and being active will increase energy levels and mood.
  • To sleep better at night.  Working out ensures better rest during nighttime- studies have shown that active individuals enjoy more restful sleep.

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