Why Some People Attract Mosquitoes More


We’ve all been there- relaxing outside on a beautiful summer day when we start to get eaten alive by mosquitoes!  Do you ever feel like you get bitten more than your friends?  Well now there is scientific proof why you might be right…  Up to 20% of us are highly attractive to mosquitoes—and scientists have discovered some surprising reasons why some people attract mosquitoes more.

  • Mosquitoes Prefer Blood Type O:  Indeed, the biting pests consider type 0 more delectable than any other blood type, the researchers reported. Most people secrete substances that allow mosquitoes to identify blood type before they bite- and mosquitoes are nearly two times as likely to land on people with type O blood than those with type A.  In studies, Type O was the most delectable blood type to mosquitoes.
  • The Full Moon is Hunting time:   Mosquitoes are 500 times more active when the moon is full.  During dawn and dusk, female mosquitoes (males don’t bite) will travel up to 40 miles for a meal.
  • Don’t Drink Beer:  Swigging just one bottle of beer can significantly boost your risk of being bitten, in studies, participants who drank beer were bitten significantly more after consumption than before.
  • Smelly Feet Beware:  The pungent aroma of dirty feet is apparently irresistible to mosquitoes, as a brave scientist discovered when he sat in a lab in his underwear to find out which parts of the body the pests are most likely to target. He found that 75% of the bugs homed in on his feet, but after he washed them with deodorant soap, the mosquitos bit randomly. His team also reported that stinky cheeses, such as Limburger—which has the same odoriferous compound responsible for foot odor—also draws mosquitoes.
  • Pregnancy is attractive:  Because pregnant women exhale 21% more carbon dioxide volume in the later stages of pregnancy and their abdominals are a degree warmer, mosquitoes are more attracted and twice more likely to bite.  For this reason, expectant mothers need to be more careful during hot, humid, summer months- because mosquitoes carry bug-borne diseases.
  • Running won’t help:  When you exercise and sweat, your exhaling more carbon dioxide, which attracts mosquitoes.  Also, the odor you carry in sweat is also attractive.  Physical activity ups risk for bites by as much as 50%.
  • Dark Clothes are attractive:  Not only is dark slimming, but it is also very appealing to mosquitoes!  In one study comparing the appeal of various hues to mosquitoes, the researchers reported  the following results:  black (most attractive); red (very attractive); grey and blue (neutral); khaki, green, light khaki, and yellow (less attractive).



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