Why You Should Take a Bike Tour Instead of a Bus Tour


Now is the perfect time for a mid-summer vacation! Whether you’re traveling domestically or going overseas, we urge you try taking a bike tour wherever you are going instead of a bus tour. Not only does it do a favor to our environment, but it is also much better for your health. Here are our favorite reasons to opt for a bike tour.

Enjoy the fresh air of a new city

Most bicycle paths are placed near trees and parks which provides oxygen. Being out in the sunshine also provides the body with Vitamin D, which is also called the Sunshine Vitamin.

A different point of view

The beauty of a bike tour is seeing a city from a pedestrians point of view while still being able to cover significant ground. You get to be amongst the locals and get your bearings on a city, directions, sights, smells, sounds that you would miss out on if you were in a vehicle.

Save the planet

Twenty bicycles can be parked in the same space as one car. It takes around five percent of the materials and energy used to make a car to build a bike, and a bike produces zero pollution. Taking into account the ‘fuel’ you put in your ‘engine’, you do the equivalent of 2,924 miles to the gallon. You have your weight ratio to thank: you’re about six times heavier than your bike, but a car is 20 times heavier than you.

More efficient than walking

You can travel around three times as fast as walking for the same amount of energy and you’re still being active!

Build your muscle tone

This type of workout will focus on the core muscles, as well as the buttocks and thighs. You can increase and decrease the level of the bike; this is similar to riding up and down a hill. While you pedal, you will work your thighs and calves.

Low impact exercise

It’s so much easier on the joints than running that it’s recommended for those suffering from arthritis and other joint ailments.

Cycling eats up calories

Cycling is a good way to lose those unwanted pounds, especially on vacation when you’re indulging! Steady cycling burns approximately 300 calories per hour. If you cycle for 30 minutes every day you would burn 11 pounds of fat in a year. Since it helps build muscle, cycling will also boost your metabolic rate long after you’ve finished your ride.

Cycling improves coordination

Cycling is an activity that involves the whole body. Therefore, arm-to-leg, feet-to-hands, and body-to-eye coordination are improved.

Cycling reduces stress

Any regular exercise can reduce stress and depression and improve well being and self-esteem. Cycling outdoors is also a good way to be one with the city and its vibe. It will keep your mood happy while you’re on vacation, and add the wonderful list of memories you’re building.


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