Somatotype Body Frame Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle

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Believe it or not, your natural physique is a lot more than just discounted hereditary traits. Knowing which body type you have can help you determine which sports you will excel most in, as well as which diet will compliment you best. The category your physique falls under may also play a role in metabolic levels, carbohydrate tolerance, as well as how easily you can build muscle or lose fat. The most basic body frames, or somatotypes, can be described as either ectomorphic, mesomorphic, and endomorphic. Learn your type and how it to pick the best diet here.


Ectomorphs are typically slim and are less susceptible to weight gain. Both male and female ectomorphic physiques can be likened to endurance athletes, so they are well suited to marathon running. Gaining muscle mass can be difficult for the ectomorph physique, due to their naturally thin body frame.

When compared to the other two somatotypes, ectomorphs have to dedicate more time at the gym to gain muscle. As far as the ectomorph metabolic system goes, ectomorphs usually have fast metabolic rates and high carbohydrate tolerance. This means a higher carb diet would best compliment this somatotype. Ectomorph’s higher metabolism means that they should eat more often throughout the day to fuel their metabolic needs, typically every 2-4 hours. But eating more frequently should not pave the way to eating more junk food or sugary drinks. Ectomorphs, as well as every other somatotype, should make it a point to keep their carbohydrate intake complex rather than refined and simple.

An appropriate lunch for the ectomorph:

  • 4oz chicken breast
  • Extra large whole wheat pita
  • 2 cups of fruit
  • Unlimited vegetables 


Mesomorphs are muscular with long torsos with broad chests. The naturally muscular frame of mesomorphs allows them to bulk and retain a lower body fat composition. In women, the mesomorphic build can be described as the hourglass frame. Mesomorphic athletes include football players and wrestlers, making these sort of strength-dominant sports a good fit for mesomorphs. For mesomorphic women trying to avoid over-bulking, the best sports to partake in would be cardio dominant sports. The mesomorphic diet responds best to a 40/30/30 ratio of carbohydrates, fat and protein. The fast metabolism of mesomorphs makes losing body fat a walk in the park, and allows for flexibility in their diet plans, giving this somatotype the best of both worlds.

An appropriate breakfast for the mesomorph:

  • ½ cup of oatmeal
  • ¼ cup of frozen berries
  • 2 hard boiled eggs


Endomorphs are typically the chunkiest of the three somatotypes. Endomorphic males exhibit short bones, as well as a wide chest and hips. The women of this somatotype may exhibit either a round body, or what is known as the pear body frame; in which fat typically settles in the lower body. For the classic endomorphic frame, gaining fat is a lot easier than gaining muscle. As far as endomorphic athletes go, they usually strive in activities such as powerlifting.

The best way for an endomorph to lose weight is with a high cardio workout, which boosts the metabolism. Due to their naturally slower metabolism and low carbohydrate tolerance, endomorphs have a high body fat index. Sedentary lifestyles may also play a role in the easy weight gain. The best diet for endomorphs includes a high fat and protein intake, with a lower carbohydrate intake; 40/35/25.

An appropriate dinner for the endomorph:

  • 4oz of salmon
  • Steamed asparagus
  • 1 medium baked sweet potato
  • Kale salad with avocado and lemon juice

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