10 Awesome Products that Make Life Easier During A Pandemic

If you're having trouble staying together, here are some products that can help you to ensure utmost safety while not spreading germs!

It’s been the better part of a year since we learned about the Coronavirus, almost 8 months since we have had to adjust our lives to accommodate the virus and all the germs. We have been quarantined and put through multiple different measures to ensure our safety. However, there are still some things that we’re getting used to doing that help us remain safe. Of course, constantly washing our hands and the products that we get from the grocery store, making sure that we don’t touch other surfaces and then touch our faces, and many more. 

However, if you’re having a bit of trouble keeping yourself together while trying to ensure utmost safety, we’ve created a list of 10 awesome products that can help you make your pandemic life just a bit easier…

Fanny Pack by Aloha Collection

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Before the pandemic when you went to the store, you probably placed all of your valuables in the cart so that your hands wouldn’t be full while you were trying to pick groceries. However, now, after you’ve sanitized the cart, it’s still a bit iffy on whether or not the surfaces of the cart are clean enough to set your things on. Even if you carry around a purse, it can become cumbersome to have to hike it up higher on your shoulder every time you go to pick up something. Or your pockets aren’t adequate enough to fit everything in them. 

Well, try this great fanny pack called the Black Mini Hip Pack by Aloha Collection (their website carries other fun patterns too). It is a lightweight fanny pack that allows you to place all your valuables within and keep them close while still allowing you the freedom to get all the products you want at the grocery store- hands-free! It is a splash-proof with room for your keys, cards, and phone. All of the essentials that you need while going to the grocery store (and sanitary because it never needs to touch any surfaces!)

Hand Sanitizer Holder

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Even if you carry around hand sanitizer right now, you probably put it into your purse. But like most of the things in our purse, it can get lost underneath everything else in your purse. You’re then forced to dig around, probably getting everything else in your purse dirty while rummaging around. Instead consider getting a hand sanitizer holder.

Amazon has some great hand sanitizer holders and with refillable cartons. They come in cute colors with some fun characters. But, you can clip them to the outside of your bag for easy application as well as to keep the things inside your bag safe from germs. 

Hygiene Hook

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Most grocery stores have automatic doors, however, if you have to go other places like work or use a public restroom, most of those areas have a manual door that requires you to open it on your own. The hygiene hook is an ingenious invention that upon first glance looks incredibly simple to use, however, it can be used in so many different ways. 

If you need to open a door, you can use the hook to pull open doors, however, if you’re in an elevator but you don’t want to touch the buttons, you can use the end of the hook to hit the buttons. You can also use the hygiene hook while at the ATM while using the keypad. The hygiene hook minimizes the amount of surfaces that you touch on a daily basis which also reduces the risk of you accidentally touching your face and spreading the germs.

Key Ring Bracelets

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Although you probably haven’t considered owning a key ring bracelet since you were in middle school and it was an easy way for your parents to ensure that you wouldn’t lose your keys, now might be a great time to bring them back! Again, much like the hand sanitizer holder, dropping your keys into your purse on your way into the grocery store can ensure that they will get lost under everything else. Alternatively, if you only carry your keys and phone into the store but don’t want to place your keys in the cart or don’t have pockets, a key ring bracelet is perfect. It can ensure a hands-free shopping experience without the hassle of worrying about where to put your keys when you need both hands free. 

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Amazon has multiple options to choose from with different colors and styles. You can get the classic silicone ones or if you’d like something cuter you can get the acrylic bracelets with a cute pattern. It’s a cute and easy way to ensure that your keys remain close to you without needing to have them touch other, potentially dirty, surfaces.

Anti-Fog Spray

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Now that we have to wear masks everywhere we go, it can become a little hard if you wear glasses. As you breathe out, your breath can cause your glasses to fog up. This can impair your ability to see properly and cause you to run into things around you. In order to keep this from happening, consider spraying your glasses with some anti-fog spray before wearing your mask around the store. It’s a great way to ensure that your glasses are staying clear from the fog your breath will create and can also help clean the specks of dirt that were already on your glasses.

Car Trash Can

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You’re probably wondering why we added this one into this list. Well, it’s not as a way to keep your car clean from the trash that people might want to throw away while in your car. It’s a way to keep your car clean from germs. Once you get into your car, instead of depositing your dirty mask and gloves (if you use them) onto the seat next to you or into the cup holders, consider using a car trash can to keep all the germs contained; especially if you use reusable masks and gloves. By placing these items into the trash can, you’re ensuring that the germs you may have picked up aren’t transferring to the air in your car and that it is being contained in one place until you get home and are able to wash the masks and gloves. 

Portable UV Sanitizer

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This product is probably the most expensive item on the list, but it serves a great purpose. Much like in the hospital, when they sanitize tools and equipment, you can use this portable UV phone sanitizer to sanitize all of your personal belongings. After you come back from the store or work, place your small belongings such as your phone, watch, keys, and glasses into the box, press the button, and allow the UV light to kill the germs on your belongings. It comes in a multitude of sizes to even fit larger items in as well. 

Shoe Rack

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Many Asian cultures practice removing their shoes before entering their home and other’s homes. It’s a sign of respect and also ensures that they are keeping their homes clean. Continually being practiced in Asia and Asian homes around the world, this practice can be applied to everyday life especially now. In order to keep from tracking dirt and germs into your homes, consider investing in an outdoor shoe rack that can reside in your garage or at the entryway or your home. This way, you can remove your shoes as soon as you get home, rather than walking though your home, into your bedroom, and then storing them in your closets. This way, you’re minimizing the amount of outside germs that are traveling throughout your house. And ensuring that you’re keeping your space clean. 

Detergent for Masks

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If you’re noticing an increasing amount of acne around the areas or your face where your mask sits, it might be time to consider what might be causing this to happen. Maskne is a common thing that is happening to people that wear masks frequently, however, it may be uncomfortable and even unwanted by the wearer. In order to reevaluate your routine, consider the type of detergent that you are using to wash your masks. You want to pick a nice gentle, hypoallergenic detergent that contains a formula made for sensitive skin. Consider using detergent that mothers often use for their babies. It is meant to be gentle enough to not irritate their skin, and can also be gentle enough to not irritate your face. Dreft baby detergent is a great brand that is available on Amazon and has great reviews from mothers that use it for their babies. 

Mask Lanyard

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If your ears hurt while wearing your masks, or the masks that you have are too big for your face, consider using a mask lanyard. They come in many different colors and are even adjustable to make sure that the mask stays snuggly while covering your face. It’s also a great product to use if you like going on walks. While walking, it’s ok not to be wearing a mask constantly and to breathe in the fresh air. However, when coming close to others, it’s a smart idea to wear your mask as you pass by others. If it hurts your ears to keep the mask hanging on your chin, or you just don’t want to hold the mask in your hands, the mask lanyard is a great way to ensure a hands-free experience.

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