10 Fitness Tips for Summer


Summer is winding down, but Houston is still hot for a couple months, so the following fitness tips are still very applicable!  Even as fall cools things down, and we are even more likely to exercise outdoors, some of Health Fitness Revolution’s tips still apply:

  •  Protection from the Sun: With less clothes on, more skin is exposed to the sun. Protection from the sun is more than just a great SPF. In addition to your sunscreen, try SPF workout clothes. These are hot items this year with protection built right into the fabric. And don’t forget a hat if you are running around outdoors!
  • Time of day: Early morning and evening workouts are recommended to avoid the height of the heat and sun. Besides, working out first thing out of bed gets your workout done for the day, and working out at night boosts your metabolism before you go to bed.
  • WATER! Hydration! You’ll need more water to combat the increased temperatures. Not sure how much you need? Read our article about hydration here. Remember this easy hint: drink enough water to make your urine clear.
  • Hit the sand: Running, walking, even Yoga in the beach is more challenging because of the unevenness of the surface. Working out on the beach requires more muscle groups to engage so it can be dynamic and invigorating.
  • Enjoy the outdoors: Out door activities don’t have to be just running and biking. Gardening, swimming, jumping rope, running through the sprinkler with your kids. These are all great ways to burn calories and have fun!Enjoy the indoors. There will be times when the heat index is just to high to safely workout outside. Hit the gym or Pilates studio for a cool indoor workout, or pop in a workout DVD.
  • Know when to enjoy the indoors: There will be times when the heat index is just to high to safely workout outside. Try a new class at the gym or Yoga studio for a cool indoor workout.  You could also do a workout DVD in the comfort of your home.
  • Go for a Long Walk:  Summer is the perfect time to go for a long walk with family, friends, neighbors and Fido after dinner!  It stays light long into the evening and the temperatures cool off at night.
  • Join an exercise group: Every form of exercise has a group attached to it. Running or hiking groups or a group Pilates mat class. If the group dynamic is what will encourage your workouts, do your research and join a group.  Summer is a great time to join an early morning or evening bootcamp!
  • Try something new: This is a great tip for any time of year, but especially when the weather is warm. It could be aquatic aerobics or plyometrics. Maybe some new Pilates moves or a hike up a mountain. Take advantage of spring renewal to renew your dedication to staying fit.
  • Prepare to stay Fit all Year: Lot’s of people become idle or sedentary during the long winter months suddenly get out and start exercising as soon as the weather allows. Prepare for next summer by starting good habits this summer and becoming a winter exerciser too! This will ward off any injuries, aches and pains and keep you fit and trim all year round.


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