Mayor Parker Health Policies Revealed!

Mayor Parker Health

Not only is Mayor Annise Parker a contributing author to Health Fitness Revolution magazine (read her article here ), but we are equally impressed that she is one of the first Houston politicians to promote her campaign through fitness!

It is very noble that our Mayor Annise Parker is organizing a bikeride, and while Health Fitness Revolution remains neutral to political sides,  we support ANY and ALL agendas that promote healthy lifestyle, physical fitness, social, spiritual and mental balance.  Health Fitness Revolution is of the opinion that politicians are a key solution to healthy lifestyle in the US- which is why we encourage all politicians to promote their campaign through events that encourage healthy lifestyle!  

Join Mayor Annise Parker and Bicyclists for Annise Parker Thursday for a short bike ride and special reception.

Bicyclists will meet at Market Square Park Thursday, August 29, at 6:15 p.m. The Mayor will join supporters for a short bike ride along White Oak and Buffalo Bayous before adjourning to Niko Niko for a social hour, beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Three members of the Bicyclists for Annise host committee, Michael Skelly, Neil Bremmer and Kathryn Baumeister, will kick off the bike ride.

Both events are open to all supporters and cyclists for a suggested donation of $25.00, which includes a complimentary beverage.

Bike Ride Kick-Off

Market Square Park

300 Travis Street

Social Hour

Niko Niko
301 Milam Street

Mayor Parker Health Allies

Mayor Parker would like to thank these Bicyclists for Annise Sponsors for helping organize the event:

AnniseParker_4x6Shellye Arnold
Kathryn Baumeister
Neil Bremmer
Tom Compson
Sheila Condon
Ben Cowan
Regina Garcia
Tom McCasland
Michael Skelly
Ally Smith
Anne Whitlock
Catherine Wilde
Bob Wright

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