10 Healthy Snacks to Bring to Work


The ideal office snacks are well balanced mini-meals. This means foods that contains protein, fat and fiber and deliver 200 calories or less. It’s tough to find all those elements in a single snack, but Samir Becic’s and Health Fitness Revolution recommends these 10 options of healthy snacks to satisfy your at-work hunger:

  • Hard-boiled Eggs: One egg has around 70 calories and is packed with five to six grams of protein.
  • String Cheese: High in protein, it offers a bit of fat and has only 80 calories.
  • A Small Handful of Almonds: One ounce, around 12 nuts, has 184 calories. Almonds contain omega-9 fatty acids, the fat also found in olive oil that’s associated with good heart health.
  • An Apple with Almond Butter: This snack has the great combination of fiber, protein and fat.
  • Dark Chocolate: We wrote an article about the benefits of dark chocolate here. Just remember portion control!
  • Baked Sweet Potato and Tuna: Bake a batch of sweet potatoes and store in the fridge. Stuff one with tuna packed in water, and bring it to work in a plastic container.
  • Carrots and Celery with Hummus: Hummus, made with sesame seeds and chick peas, contains lots of nutrients and beneficial fibers called lignans that improve blood profiles, normalize blood pressure and enhance vitamin E absorption.
  • Half an Avocado: This creamy fruit has a surprisingly high fiber content- which will keep you full. It is also packed with nutrients and Omega-3s.
  • Tomatoes and Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese: This combination contains fat and protein, and tomatoes are packed with antioxidants. A filling snack, low in calories.  Drizzle with a small amount of olive oil and balsamic vinegar with basil, and you have an easy Caprese Salad!
  • A Chicken Breast: A tried and true stable, a chicken breast can be cooked the night before and easily packed as a snack. It will give your body a protein boost and keep your energy levels stable.

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