10 Motivating Black Female Fitness Influencers to Check Out


As a woman, it can often be challenging to maintain body positivity throughout your fitness journey, so you may seek out fitness influencers for motivation. Following fitness influencers can be beneficial because they often stress the importance of a balanced, healthy lifestyle and give tips for how to stay motivated

Sometimes, the fitness industry can be relatively homogenous; we often see women of the same race and with the same body type on our social media feeds. However, many amazing and diverse women on social media promote a healthy lifestyle regardless of what you look like, your body type, your fitness level, or any other obstacle standing in your way! If you are looking to diversify your social media feed and get motivated, here are 10 black women with inspiring fitness accounts to follow on social media:

Tamara Pridgett | Instagram – @TamsGoinHam

Tamara Pridgett is a trainer, journalist, and All-American sprinter with a motivational Instagram feed for all women who are looking for some fitness inspiration. She often shares stories with her followers about being an advocate for yourself and encourages her followers to keep pushing through any setbacks that may come their way.

Deja Lewis | Instagram & YouTube – @DejaFitBeauty

Deja Lewis is a virtual health coach who strives to help women transform both their bodies and their minds. She posts many workout routines on her YouTube channel and also vlogs about her healthy diet and lifestyle to help women around the world reach their fitness goals.

Koboko | Instagram & YouTube – @KobokoFitness

Koboko’s main platform is YouTube, where she posts bodyweight exercises to help women get fit and realize their potential without any equipment. She is a certified personal trainer and loves sharing her expertise with her large following!

Chrysten Crockett | Instagram @GetFitWithChrys

Chrysten Crockett is a nutritionist, coach, and bikini competitor who helps women get fit without extremes. Follow her for daily 10-minute morning home workouts and an inspiring feed of women who have transformed their health and fitness mindset.

Rea | Instagram – @ReaFit

Rea is a personal trainer who posts many workouts on her Instagram feed and offers a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) home workout guide. Rea often posts her own transformation photos to motivate others to begin their fitness journey and to learn that health is more than a number on a scale!

Marcie | Instagram & YouTube – @HangTightWMarcie

Marcie is a health coach, personal trainer, and YouTube fitness influencer with over 100,000 subscribers. She is based in Atlanta but makes sure that her followers can do her workouts anywhere at any time!

Nicole Monroe | Instagram – @MsNicoleFit

Nicole Monroe is a former D1 sprinter and Army veteran known for her Instagram fitness videos. She motivates her followers to stop at nothing to reach their goals and inspires women everywhere to be strong and healthy.

Coach Cass | Instagram & YouTube – @CoachCassFit

Coach Cass strives to make health and fitness contagious through dance, travel, motivation, fitness, and advice. Her feed is full of African dance workout videos, and she spreads positive energy to her followers by encouraging them to have fun, travel, and get fit!

Massy Arias | Instagram & YouTube – @Massy.Arias

Massy Arias is a mom, health coach, and CEO of Tru Supplements. She has over 2 million followers on Instagram where she posts workout videos, transformation photos of her clients, and other motivational content encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

Roz Mays | Instagram – @RozTheDiva

Roz Mays prides herself on helping nontraditional people enjoy fitness and a healthy lifestyle. She is a certified personal trainer who teaches unique workout classes, such as pole dancing fitness, in New York City, and also offers online workshops and training. Roz is an inspiration to people of all body types who are embarking on their fitness journey.

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