113-Year-Old Offers Secrets to Longevity


Brazilian native Bernando LaPallo knows a thing or two about the keys to living a long and healthy life. At 113 years old, the supercentenarian continues to be self-sufficient, able to cook, shop, bathe and shave with no assistance from anyone. And to top it off, he has no wrinkles. That’s right, in addition to really good genetics, Bernando LaPallo has found the keys to staying youthful well into his second century of life and shares his secrets to longevity.

In this article originally published by National Geographic, LaPallo offers the following words of advice for living well into 100 years.

“You have to take care of your genes. It’s like owning a Rolls Royce and leaving it in the garage and not taking care of it. Fortunately, I had a daddy who taught me how to take care of my body. My longevity is due to my obedience and moderation.”

“I eat plenty of fresh fruit and green vegetables, and I drink plenty of water. Water is very important. Exercise and sleep. Sleep is very important. Unless I am making a speech someplace, I’m generally in bed by 9:30. I get up at 3:30 or 4 in the morning, go for my walk, take my shower, rub my body down with olive oil, make my breakfast. Stress is a killer, my daddy told me that. It’s important to take time to relax and exercise your brain, such as by doing crossword puzzles.”

“Remember if you don’t have your health you don’t have anything. So take care of your health, practice moderation and you’ll live a long and healthy life.”

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