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250 million Americans don’t live a healthy lifestyle! Right now, America is the most overweight nation in the world with 34% of people suffering from obesity. Studies suggest that by 2020, 80% of American’s will be overweight. 360,000 Americans die every year from obesity and its complications.
This must stop. America is the greatest nation in the world and should be the healthiest as well, given all the resources and possibilities here. We are leaders in the world when it comes to democracy, military, and individual freedoms. There is no excuse to not lead the world in healthy living.

My charge is this—by 2020, we should be the fittest nation in the world. America wake up, it’s time to be fit and healthy!”

With Samir’s expertise and charisma, he offers many different techniques during his speeches based on the audience and desired outcome.


Samir provides seminars and personalize training programs to corporations looking to increase their employee productivity, creativity, physical health, motivation, and mental wellness, and decrease the costs associated with medical insurance for unhealthy, sluggish, overweight employees. It has been shown that for every $1 a corporation invests in health, they get at least $3 back. Other benefits from an investment in employee health and fitness:

  • Less employee sick days
  • Higher employee retention
  • Increased energy and vitality in the workplace
  • A more optimistic, positive attitude
  • A greater eagerness to succeed
  • Improvement in work/life balance
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased creativity

TV/Media Appearances

Samir’s goal is to spread his message and the ReSync Method to the masses, so that those who cannot afford personal training can still reap the benefits of the ReSync Method and be healthier and happier.

Samir is happy to share his ideas and inspiration during media appearances to:

  • Answer any health and fitness questions
  • Demonstrate workout routines
  • Inspire audience to be healthier, workout more, make better health decisions
  • Give audience tips, tricks and advice
  • Conduct interviews
  • Give examples of healthy choices everyone can make in day to day life


Samir is available for consulting for any size company or organization. Whether you need assistance with jumpstarting an internal health and fitness initiative or simply need an expert’s advice on how to better motivate employees, Samir’s experience and enthusiasm will energize any organization.


Samir and his team are proud to support several non-profit organizations and would be interested offering support other charitable causes.

Samir can conduct motivational and inspirational speeches to non-profit organizations, illuminating hope, possibility, and positivity. Rather than solely focus on training, Samir can inspire the audience to do better, whatever the cause may be. Samir can easily focus on the non-profit’s main goals and audience, intertwining his message of health and fitness with the organization’s message.

Samir’s Biography

Samir Becic is a world-renowned health and fitness expert. He is the founder of HealthFitnessRevolution Magazine and creator of the ReSyncFitness Method. Samir’s work has been featured in many top media outlets, and he is famous for his strong motivational skills and energetic presence.

From 2000-2008, Samir worked for Bally Total Fitness as the fitness director of the largest fitness facility in the entire United States. During that time, Samir quickly established himself as a world leader in health and fitness, receiving the prestigious title of  “#1 Fitness Trainer in the World/US” four times.

In 2009, Samir started ReSync Enterprises, a company which provides health and fitness education seminars to corporations, the media, and community organizations using his celebrated ReSync Method.

Samir used his extensive knowledge of health and fitness to found Health Fitness Revolution in 2011. Health Fitness Revolution is a non-profit movement headed by the Samir Becic Foundation 501(c)(3) that aims to spread the message of health and fitness throughout the world in order to prevent disease and improve quality of life.

Health Fitness Revolution Magazine launched in 2013 and has achieved remarkable international success. Major media outlets- the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Focus Magazine, to name just a few- use Health Fitness Revolution as a trusted source of information on everything related to healthy living. Health Fitness Revolution Magazine has also been credited as the first source to emphasize fitness and health in politics, religion, and education.

In 2013, the magazine published the first-ever list to feature the fittest world leaders and heads of state. The list has since become an annual tradition, with each rendition attracting international media attention.
At this time Samir also developed a health and fitness program for Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church, the largest church in the United States.

Samir’s awards:

  • “#1 Fitness Trainer in the World,”- 4 times

  • #1 Fitness Trainer in Texas,”- 22 times

  • #1 Fitness Trainer in Houston”- 29 times

  • “Best of the Best Fitness Trainer”- 2 times

  • “Best Fitness Director”- 2 times

  • “Men’s Journal Top Fitness Trainer in America”

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