2020 Presidential Candidate Fitness Profiles


Joe Biden

Elizabeth Warren

  • Enjoys hiking.
  • Enjoys walking her Golden Retriever named George Bailey.

Kamala Harris 

  • Plans on implementing a universal healthcare program that will provide standard, quality healthcare to every citizen regardless of their wealth.
  • Wants to expand drug coverage under Medicare.
  • Made our Top 10 Fittest Senators 2017 list.
  • Plans to expand Medicare to everyone.
  • Works out with her husband on Sundays.
  • Works out every morning in a SoulCycle class.
  • Follows the Mediterranean Diet.
  • Enjoys swimming.

Pete Buttigieg

  • Participates in Memorial Day walks.
  • Built basketball courts to encourage an active lifestyle.
  • Enjoys cycling.
  • Participates in walks and marathons to celebrate holidays.
  • Publicly criticized anti-abortion legislation and supports the right of women to access reproductive health services.

Cory Booker

Andrew Yang

  • Plays Basketball occasionally
  • Enjoys riding scooters, especially in LA.
  • Wants to compensate athletes who practice dangerous sports.
  • Plays tennis
  • Lifts weights

Beto O’Rourke

  • Made our Top 100 Fittest U.S Politicians and our Top 10% Fittest Congress Members.
  • Likes to run and even wrote an article about it on medium.
  • Frequently posts workouts LIVE on Facebook.
  • Member of Sports and Fitness Industry Association.
  • Regularly incorporates fitness into town hall meetings with “Biking with Beto”.
  • Baseball enthusiast and plays for the congressional baseball team.
  • Reaches out to his veteran constituency about access to health care.

Bernie Sanders

  • Follows the paleo diet.
  • Chops his own wood.
  • Likes to take strolls.
  • Boxes
  • Lifts weights

Amy Klobuchar

  • Takes special interest in nutritional affairs.
  • Likes taking walks on trails.
  • Loves cycling.
  • As a junior at Yale, she went with her father on an 1,100-mile (100 miles a day) bike ride from Minneapolis to the Grand Tetons.

Julian Castro

  • Played various sports including basketball, football, and tennis in his youth.
  • Described as a sports buff in his youth.
  • Supports universal health care.

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