5 Tips for Triathlons

Triathlon swimmers during competition

What is a triathlon?:

A triathlon is a multistage event that consists of running, cycling, and swimming. There are many various distances for the events and the order of the events differs slightly depending on the triathlon so every triathlon is different. The most well-known triathlons is the Ironman, which consists of a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike, and 26.2-mile run.

Triathlons are renowned for their difficulty and the physical athleticism required to participate in them. Whether you are a seasoned runner, swimmer, biker, or someone eager to start participating in triathlons, it’s still quite an excruciating endeavor. The following tips will help one to achieve their goal of becoming a triathlon champion. 


  1. Respect your rest.

When it comes to training for such an intense aerobic competition, taking the time to properly rest is crucial. If you are constantly training without taking a break, you will gradually wear your body down and increase your risk for injury. This also applies to the actual race. During the race it is absolutely necessary to listen to your body and properly dictate when it is appropriate to rest.

  1. Build slowly.

Due to the distance of a triathlon, it’s important to gradually work your way up to covering these distances. Beginners are always recommended to start with a sprint triathlon, which is the shortest length triathlon, and build until they are able to compete and keep up in their desired race. This is especially significant since it prevents being blindsided by unexpected difficulty or exhaustion too early in the race.

  1. Get organized.

Participation in a triathlon comes with a lot of moving and requires a certain level of organization and attention to detail. When looking at three different events which all require different gear as well as breaks where you may need to rest and eat. As such, you need to have all your gear ready before the race and familiarize yourself with it before you compete.

  1. Practice transitions.

According to most, some of the most difficult parts of a triathlon are the transitions. Transitioning from one event to the next is pretty difficult. It is especially difficult when accounting for the fact that you have to change gear in a small window of time and get back in the race. Knowing how long it takes to change into a fresh pair of dry clothes and running shoes is key.

  1. Eat well beforehand.

Just like with any other athletic competition, eating properly beforehand goes a long way. In addition eating the right nutrients will help you gain more from your training and help you last longer during the competition. Making sure your meals cover important macros and include plenty of whole grains and carbs as well as lean protein, like fish can be very beneficial.

Now, you’re ready for your first triathlon or at least training for a triathlon. Good luck!

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