5 Tips to Stay Healthy this Super Bowl Sunday


Super Bowl Sunday is an American tradition filled with drinks, food, entertainment, and snacks galore. Did you know it is the 2nd largest food holiday in the U.S., second to Thanksgiving? The game lasts for 4 hours with Americans consuming over 6,000 calories on average that day, more than the number of calories you can burn running 26 miles (a full marathon!). That doesn’t mean that you can’t stick to your goals and have a healthy Super Bowl Sunday without missing out on the party. It is important to keep in mind that, while eating healthy is a good thing, it is okay to indulge a bit every once in a while. Instead of dismissing all Super Bowl food traditions, here are tips to have fun while staying health conscious.

  • Eat Before the Party. This is the most important tip. If you show up to a party ravenous, you are extremely likely to overeat. Eat a healthy and light meal or snack before the party starts to curb your appetite and stay food conscious. Having some fruit, vegetables, and egg salad is a good balance of protein and carbohydrates to keep you feeling full longer
    • Eating light meals throughout the day helps you to not only taste all the good food but prevents you from binge eating chips all day as well. Small healthy choices matter.
    • Browse all the food options before committing. Decide what foods you are dying to try before filling your plate with unsatisfying calories.
  • Stay Active. It is easy to sit on the couch all day and watch the game. Make the party fun by keeping everyone involved in fun fitness games.
    • Touchdown Rule: Every time the team you are cheering for scores a touchdown, do 10 jumping jacks or push-ups. Whenever the opposing team scores a touchdown do double (20 jumping jacks or push-ups). Mix up the exercises to keep it interesting.
    • Commercial Challenge: Every time a soda, chip, or alcohol commercial shows, do a 30-second plank. Other options include a contest to see who can plank the longest, the winner can decide the next commercial challenge exercise.
    • Halftime Hoe-Down: This year’s halftime show is full of superstars. Show the party what a superstar you are by joining in with your best dance moves.
  • Create a Food-Free Area. It is good to have a place where everyone can converse and mingle. It is shown that when food is within reach, the chances of mindless eating drastically increase. Help everyone save calories by keeping food in another area. “Out of sight, out of mind.”
  • 1:1 Rule. The calories in alcohol and soda add up quicker than you can imagine. After every soda or alcoholic beverage you drink, drink one glass of water. It is important to stay hydrated, especially with all the exercises you will be doing. This rule keeps you hydrated and conscious of how much you are drinking and when it is time to slow down.
  • Bring a Side Dish. Whether you are hosting the party or visiting your friends and family, it is always a good idea to bring a dish of your own. The easiest way to control what foods you eat is by bringing a healthy dish to the party, that way you have at least one option that is good for you and that you will enjoy. Whether it’s a veggie tray, homemade baked potato chips, or cheese and crackers, your body will thank you for the nutritional benefits.

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