6 Tips for Healthy Traveling


It’s the summer, which is peak season for traveling!  But how many of you have a hard time eating healthy and being physically active while traveling?  I know there are many of you out there- along with us at Health Fitness Revolution- that struggle with staying healthy on the road. This is why we have made 6 simple tips for staying healthy while Traveling!

Tip 1

In order to avoid jet lag, which lowers your immune system, make sure you hydrate as much as possible, and that your urine is clear.  Eating sunflower seeds and almonds, which are high in melatonin, help your body rest and adjust to time differences.  Make sure you have a high-protein meal before your travel, because it is more suitable for your tummy at high altitudes than a meal that is loaded with carbs.

Tip 2

Bring healthy snacks on your travels.  Good examples are nuts, protein bars, dry fruits, apples, and bananas.  A double bonus with bananas, are that they are full of potassium, which lessens cramps during long flights or road trips.

Tip 3

Make sure you start your day with a  large, healthy breakfast, high in protein and fiber.  This way, you will avoid temptations to eat fast food periodically throughout the day.  It also gets your body ready for your daily activities or business meetings.

Tip 4

If possible, choose a hotel that  has access to a fitness facility. If your hotel does not have a fitness area, don’t worry- be active by jogging or walking around the area, do pushups, crunches, and sit-ups in your room while recovering with jumping jacks and running in place.

Tip 5

Research the area you will be staying in online, so that you can pick healthy restaurants with good food nearby.  This will avoid the temptation of visiting well known fast food places.  Also find out where the nearest grocery store is so that you can fill your hotel room with fresh fruit and snacks- and avoid the mini-bar junk food!

Tip 6

Before you go to bed, take a hot, relaxing shower in order to relax your muscles, because traveling is strenuous on the body.  Having good rest is crucial to keeping your immune system strong.  Bring Vitamin C to take daily, and don’t forget your workout clothes- since exercising also boosts the immune system.


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