10 Tips to Stress Less This Week


It’s Monday morning, and while a productive workweek is ahead of us, we could all use some simple tips to stress a little less this coming week.  Here are Health Fitness Revolution’s 10 Tips to Stress Less:

  • Run it out or walk it out: The endorphins that get released during a workout are the best stress busters!
  • Turn on the music and dance: Sometimes, we just need to take life with a bit more fun, and turning on the music and dancing takes us away from our daily routine and stressors.  Plus, if you’re dancing fast, you’re getting a workout in too!
  • Breathe:  Breathing, taking a step back, and composing ourselves makes us more calm and more able to tackle the though stuff.
  • Talk about It:  Sometimes, we all just need to let it out and vent or talk to a friend.  If it’s too difficult to talk to a friend, there are professionals that will listen and give impartial advice.
  • Go to Bed Earlier:  Sleeping is important in our hectic lives because it allows our bodies have a chance to recharge and more adequately deal with the daily demands of life.
  • Focus on what you CAN control: There is a lot of things that we all stress about that we can’t control- so it’s important to take a step back and realize this and focus on the things we CAN control and let the rest go!
  • Think back to good times: Nothing calms the brains like closing your eyes and thinking back to good times.  It’s a temporary, quick break from reality, that is sure to boost our moods and lessen our stress.
  • Ask for a Hug:  Human affection has been proven to release feel-good hormones in the brain.  So next time you need a hug, ask for it!
  • Look for Opportunities in Life’s Challenges:  Life is perpetually filled with obstacles and difficulties, but it’s making it through them that makes us stronger and more resilient- so view the positive side to tough times.
  • Smile: Sometimes, forcing a smile is just a what the doctor ordered- because soon, it becomes a real smile!


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