8 Reasons Why Cold Brew Coffee is Good for You, Plus a Video Recipe!


Who doesn’t love the smell of coffee brewing in the morning? That satisfying aroma has become everyone’s go to in the morning, whether you’re brewing your own coffee or picking a cup up at starbucks coffee is one the most popular breakfast items. Although there are a few different ways to make your coffee healthier, drinking cold brew coffee is not only healthier than your regular cup of Joe but it tastes better too! Want to know more about cold brew coffee? Continue reading and find out the amazing benefits, and see how to make it!

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  • Boost metabolism: Although cold brew and hot coffee can be different in many ways they both have a similarity, caffeine. Studies have shown that those take part in consuming caffeinated beverages are able to increase their metabolic rate by 11% and even more depending on the amount of coffee.
  • Healthy Digestion: Unlike a regular cup of coffee, cold brew coffee can be less acidic by 70% making it easier for your stomach to digest it. Also since the oils from the coffee beans are never really released not only makes it less acidic but it also gives a much sweeter and richer taste.
  • Enhance Mood: It’s normal to feel a jump energy after having a cup of coffee, but the caffeine in cold brew coffee can do much more than just improve your energy. Studies have shown that those who drank cold brew coffee had lower levels of depression and can even reduce it by 8%.
  • Reduce risk of Parkinsons and Alzheimers: caffeine components that make up a delicious cup of coffee have been researched to play a preventative role in neurological disorders like parkinsons and Alzheimers. Moderate coffee consumption has been shown to reduce parkinson’s disease by 24% and may even be used to treat those with alzheimers
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  • Reduce risk of Type II Diabetes: Because cold brew is less acidic than your regular cup of coffee, the taste is better and much sweeter. Since cold brew coffee is naturally sweeter and smoother, you don’t need to add any artificial sweeteners, thus having a moderate amount of coffee can reduce the risk of type II diabetes.
  • Chances of a long life: Because of the health benefits that come with drinking coffee, it also means that drinking cold brew coffee can help reduce many causes of death. Death causing illnesses like heart diseases, infections, and diabetes can all be prevented with a cold brew cup of coffee!


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