The Cure For 40% of Cancer Cases


According to new statistics from Cancer Research UK, four out of 10 cancer cases recorded during a five-year period (2007-2011) could have been prevented with a healthy lifestyle. Of all the 300,000 cases studied, 40 percent could have been prevented if the patients had done something as simple as quitting smoking, eating healthier foods like fruits and vegetables on a regular basis, drinking less alcohol and maintaining a healthy weight with moderate exercise.

Many of these cancers are preventable, and implementing such simple acts can help prevent or reduce the risk of contracting the disease. As a statistician working on the study reported, “Leading a healthy lifestyle can’t guarantee someone won’t get cancer but we can stack the odds in our favor by taking positive steps now that will help decrease our cancer risk in [the] future.”

So when you’re making your New Year’s Resolutions this week, think about what lifestyle changes you can make to help guarantee a healthy future for yourself, and encourage your loved ones to do the same!

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