Top 500 Fittest Celebrities in the U.S.


We believe celebrities who lead healthy lifestyles have a great deal of influence and can set an example on the importance of healthy eating and regular exercise. Because of that, we are putting the spotlight on the top 500 celebrities in America, which is one of the fattest countries in the world. Just as we know how many billionaires are in the world, by name, rank and biography, Health Fitness Revolution is bringing you all the celebrities who are leading healthy lifestyles and can be role models to the public so that America can transform from one of the fattest to one of the fittest countries in the world. With the help of these health heroes, the United States can save hundreds of billions of dollars yearly on unnecessary medical expenses due to obesity and unhealthy lifestyle. With their influence, these celebrities can be as equally important to the American economy as the billionaires, so that America can continue to flourish and lead the world in terms of economy, democracy individual freedom and military for centuries to come.

We also encourage all the billionaires who do have a healthy lifestyle to promote physical fitness, healthy nutrition, and mental, social and spiritual balance so that they can contribute even more to the well being of the American economy. For those who are not fit, we encourage them to become healthy and fit because by being in the spotlight, their contribution to the cause can be enormous.

To see the top 500 fittest celebrities in the U.S., visit Health Fitness Revolution founder Samir Becic’s Twitter account. Samir only follows celebrities who are healthy and fit and promote healthy lifestyle, regardless of their political, racial, religious or cultural agenda.

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